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THOMPSON Gerald A funeral service for Mr. Gerald Thompson (85) of Keelby, who passed away on 12th August 2019, was conducted by Mr. Phil Spicksley at Grimsby Crematorium on Thursday 29th August 2019. Family mourners attending: Mrs. Pom Thompson, wife, Mr. & Mrs. Graham & Joanne Thompson, son & wife, Mr. & Mrs. John & Joanne Webster, daughter & husband, Mr. Tom Thompson & Kacey Cousins, grandson & partner, Mr. Callum Webster, grandson, Miss Megan Thompson & Nathan Thompson, grandaughter & partner, Mr. Lewis Webster, grandson, Mrs. Carole Thompson, sister-in-law , Mr. & Mrs. John & Pat Dawson, sister & brother-in-law , Mr. Mike Underwood, brother-in-law , Mrs. Pauline Hufton, partner, Mr. & Mrs. Rob & Jayne Dannatt (also rep. Jessica & Charlie), niece & husband, Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Ruth Thompson, nephew & wife, Mrs. Tracey Patterson (also rep. Simon Patterson), niece, Mr. David Dawson (also rep. Julie & Family), nephew Miss Rebecca Dawson (also rep. Ian & Julie Dawson, Nephew & wife), niece, Miss Jemma Patterson, great niece, Mrs. Jill Gennery (also rep. Jean Ward, cousin), cousin, Mr. Trevor Thornally, cousin, Mr. & Mrs. B. & L. Marris, cousin Others attending included: Mr. & Mrs. R. & A. Parkinson (also rep. Mrs. B. Fisher & Mrs. J. Dannatt), Mr. & Mrs. R. & M. Austin, Mr. & Mrs. D. & J. Larder (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. B. Kirkby), Mr. & Mrs. R. & A. Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. P. & J. Wilson (also rep. Gavin & Kathy), Mr. & Mrs. B. & M. Waller, Mr. & Mrs. A. & J. Mitchell (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. R. Chapman), Mr. & Mrs. K. & B. Bojen, Mr. & Mrs. D. & P. Selby (also rep. J. Selby), Mr. & Mrs. J. & J. Lingard (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. P. Smy & Mr. & Mrs. R. Williams), Mr. & Mrs. O. & A. Kirkalton (also rep. The Boys), Mr. & Mrs. J. & C. Wright, Mr. & Mrs. G. & S. Avison (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. R. Avison), Mr. & Mrs. B. & M. Rook, Mr. & Mrs. G. Nicholls (also rep. Craig, Mark, Jack & Toby), Mr. & Mrs. P. & M. Brumby, Mr. & Mrs. P. & G. Maddison, Mrs. B. Thompson, Mrs. R. Harris, Mrs. S. Toynbee (also rep. Brown Family), Mrs. J. Croft (also rep. B. Maxted, C. Cullan, D. Cullan & Family), Mrs. D. Broadmeadow (also rep. Mrs. M. Maxted), Mrs. M. Gibbs (also rep. Mr. M. Gibbs), Mrs. K. Taylor, Miss E. Swinton, Miss T. Eddison (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. D. Jackson), Mrs. P. Green, Mrs. L. Kirkby (also rep. Mr. R. Kirkby), Mrs. M. Hutchinson (also rep. Hutchinson Family), Miss R. Brumby, Mrs. J. Smith (also rep. Mr. M. Smith), Mrs. M. Appleton (also rep. Melissa Heaton), Mrs. S. Oliver (also rep. John & Charlie Douglas), Mrs. S. Robinson (also rep. Mr. M. Taylor & Mrs. L. Taylor), Mrs. K. Lingard, Mrs. J. Shepherd, Mrs. T. Booth (also rep. Mr. L. Booth), Mrs. B. Lawson (also rep. Lawson Family), Mrs. V. Francis, Mrs. M. Shaw, Mrs. P. Parry, Mrs. C. Arnett (also rep. Mr. R. Arnett), Mrs. T. Smaller, Mrs. J. White (also rep. Glen, Jenny, Thompson Family, Swallow), Mrs. L. Harriman, Mrs. S. Twigger (also rep. Jack & Twigger Family), Miss A. Brumby Mrs. G. Kennedy (also rep. Mr. R. Cooper, Mrs. W. Wood & Mr. & Mrs. J. Spandler), Mr. M. Taylor (also rep. Mr. B. Robinson & S. Beales), Mr. P. Holden (also rep. Mr. M. Holden), Mr. A. Saxton (also rep. Mrs. L. Saxton & Mrs. C. Helps), Mr. P. Briggs (also rep. Mrs. J. Atkinson), Mr. T. Dent, Mr. D. Coppin, Mr. R. Fisher, Mr. G. Fisher, Mr. E. Finney, Mr. M. Robinson, Mr. G. Howard, Mr. R. Miller (also rep. Mrs. J. Miller & Mr. B. Dixon), Mr. P. Galton, Mr. A. Bates, Mr. P. Borrill (also rep. Christina), Mr. R. Neilson (also rep. Mrs. P. Neilson), Mr. R. Hollowday (also rep. Mrs. S. Lancaster), Mr. B. Dannatt (also rep. Mrs. J. Dannatt & Mr. & Mrs. G. & M. Hudson), Mr. C. Danby, Mr. F. White, Mr. M. Suddaby (also rep. Mrs. Suddaby), Mr. I. Morley, Mr. L. Morley, Mr. P. Blendell (also rep. Mrs. J. Blendell), Mr. C. Cook, Mr. R. Larder (also rep. Mrs. S. Larder & Mr. C. Larder) Funeral arrangements were by H & HJ Huteson & Sons of Barton-upon-Humber, Immingham & Winterton.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: October 03, 2019.
Home town: Keelby
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Funeral Director
H & HJ Huteson & Sons Funeral Directors
Holydyke, Barton-Upon-Humber
South Humberside, DN18 5PR
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