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Clarence Edward BUCKLEY

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BUCKLEY Clarence Edward (Tim) Mourners attending the funeral at Alford Crematorium conducted by Reverend Jean Wrisdale Pam Buckley-loving wife, Steve & Julie Buckley-Son & daughter in law, Mark & Pat Buckley-son & daughter in law, Jackie & Matthew Birkett-daughter & son in law, Martin Johnson & Totty Simpson-grandson & partner, Gail Buckley & Rob Hartley-grandaughter & partner, Terry & Anna Buckley-grandson and wife, Katie & Andrew Darby-grandaughter & husband, Andrew & Laura Buckley-grandson & wife, Jayne & Steve Darby-grandaughter & husband, Edward Birkett-grandson, Audrey & Len Skeath-sister & husband, Brian & Daphne Buckley-brother & wife, Val Pattinson & Ron Irwin-sister & partner, Victor & Jan Buckley-brother & wife, Les Spilman-brother in law, Brenda Woodliffe-sister in law (also rep. Pat Waller) Wendy Berry-sister in law, Angela & Nigel Wray-niece & husband, Philip Spilman-nephew, Jill Jacklin-niece, Victor Skeath-nephew, Caroline Shand-niece, Neil & Bridie Buckley-nephew & wife, Karl & Rachel Buckley-nephew & wife, Tina & Martin Bourne-niece & husband, John Pattinson-nephew (also rep. Alyson-partner) Jayne & Sahun Howsam-niece & husband, Lyn Clements-niece (also rep. Clem, Jo, James Swann) David Buckley-nephew (also rep. Heather, Henry, Ben & Dan & Chris Waller) Tracey Berry-niece (also rep. Claire Evison-niece) William & Sophie Wrisdale-great-nephew & wife. Other mourners attending: NJ Wilkinson (also rep. J & CJ Wilkinson), Helen Bennett (also rep. Paul Bennett) Pat & Frank Johnson, Linda Johnson (also rep. Paul Johnson) Daivid & Kate Kirk, Jack Sykes, Phil & Max Kirk, Ron & Betty Kirk, Madge Jacklin, Margaret Adams (also rep. Phillip & Janet Greenfield) John Garbutt, Wendy & David Frost (also rep. Janet Biles & Jack Hewson) Steve Chapman (also rep. Caroline) Ben Bradley (also rep. Janet) George Hartley (also rep. Tony Lewis, Sandra Paddison & David Cosgrove) Brian & Sue Fox, David & Jill Wrisdale, Andrew Wrisdale, Tim Williams (also rep. Lincs Motors) Beryl & Marcus Motley (also rep. Shirley Barker) Mark Shepherd, Graham Smith, Nick Johnson, Ivor & Rachael Robinson, Christine Baxter, June Laughton (also rep. Janice Payne) Karl Verity (also rep. Heather & Martin Verity) Andrew & Elaine Cartwright, Paul Gallant, Gail & Ian Bradbury, Bridgett Brader, Keith & Joyce Willson, Tim & Sue Tiffany, Tom & Lindy Taylor, Richard Ablott, Geoff Forman, Pete & Eileen Jackson, Richard Leeson (also rep. Kate Leeson) Andrew Leeson, Sue & Bryan Handley, Ray & Ann Mumby, Brian & Barbara Farry, Mr & Mrs C Jackson, Eric Appleton (also Arrangements were made by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, Louth.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: August 02, 2019.
Home town: Louth
Notable areas: Grimsby
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