11 years without you and your guidance Dad 💔💔💔 where has the time gone .
It’s just feels like I’m living the same bad dream over and over .
There’s not a day that goes bye where I don’t think or speak of you 💙 you will always be my hero x
I just wish things could be different
I ask why everyday but I get no reply.
I just hold onto our memories we made and the hope we will be together once again xxx
I try do my best for all the family just as you would sleep tight dad love and miss you and Cara so so so much 😢 xxx
Luke :
Candle fn_5
Left by Laura Gallear:
Happy heavenly Christmas 🎄 dad I love and miss you so so much mate I know how much you loved to see our faces on Christmas Day as you and mum both spoilt us all so so much xxx
The house hasn’t been the same with out the big man there 💔
We try our best but it’s So sad and quiet without you and Cara there xxx
I try do as you once did 💔
I wish You could just sit with me and talk
About anything xxx love you forever and always dad xxx there’s a picture for you x
Luke Gallear :
Tribute photo for Keith GALLEAR
Happy heavenly Christmas Dad xxx
Left by Luke Gallear :
Another year without you by my side
Another year you would have been smiling with pride
Time is so short they say
Yet the time without you here seems to be so long
I miss you with every beat of my heart
You were the heart & soul of our family & not a day goes by without a smile,laughter & a tear at the thought of you
Merry Christmas dad
We miss you
All my love now & forever
Kelly Gallear:
Candle fn_5
Left by Kelly Gallear:
Missing you Dad xxx
Life just is not the same anymore
Without you in it a massive part of me has gone away.
I miss your way & guidance in my life
Forever you will be remembered
Miss you my best friend
What a dad you are
You are Something special and you left us to soon, I am so proud to call you dad
Always miss you
Love from your son
Candle fn_17
Left by Leigh:
Candle fn_7
Left by Laura:
Happy Birthday grandad
Up in heaven with mummy
Lots of love to you both
Bella boo
Laura Gallear: