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Thanks Nina. You're his little sister? If so I remember you riding the Great Dane in your garden and he loved you dearly. I also remember he once pot dog poop in a plastic toy soldiers helmet which had holes in it and pressed it on your head and the poop squirted out... I also remember dashing home with him after school, eating cold baked beans from cans and then "crossing" into Trentham Gardens and then the swimming pool to go swimming!
Tim Randall:
Hi Tim, Yes we lived on Whitmore Road then moved to Ivy House Farm, Stone on the Longton Road. We miss Rob so much but are really lucky to see Rob's kids (now grown ups) who visit Fiona and I in the USA. Fiona lives in Vermont and I live near Boston so they come and have their holidays with us. It keeps Rob very much present in our lives. It was a devastating loss. How nice of you to write a message.
Is this Rob who lived in Trentham as a kid, on Whitmore Road? If so then I am deeply saddened to just hear this news. I’m Tm Randall and I left the area when I was 16 and spent most of my time abroad. Rob and I were great childhood mates.
Tim Randall:
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Left by Nina de Cecco Walsh:
Helen, What a beautiful tribute to Rob and how lovely to read your stories of your friendship with our beloved brother. Thank you for posting your story of Rob. Nina, Rob's sister
Nina :
I knew Rob when we were at school. He brightened many a dull RE lesson not to mention the fun when Snave, our english teacher, was droning on. I was Helen Johnson back then.
Listening to the radio about the Trump news this morning jolted me - 9th November I knew that date had some previous significance and then it came to me. Rob's birthday and today he would have been 60! I set about finding him on the internet to send good wishes and am horrified by the news I discovered.
Rob was one of the good guys and clearly memorable in that his birthday came back to me after so long. It's good to hear he had a great family and was held in high regard. Maybe nobody will ever read this; it's so out of date but I have good memories of Rob, in particular the day we did a sponsored 10 mile walk from Stone. It was a glorious day and Rob had with him a bottle of Newcastle Brown which he tied to a piece of string and dragged along behind us in the canal to keep it cool. Amazingly, it was well received by the group when he shared it between the group of us on Barlaston Downs banks. Honest, decent, forthright, generous and downright fun.Sunny memories! Rest in Peace Rob. Pity I am 4 years late.
Helen Stodart:
Called in to see Rob at the Shop today. Deeply shocked and saddened.
I know it's two years on, but deepest sympathy to Joy and the family.
Mark and Karen Deaville and family.
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Mark Deavillr:
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