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Candle 4
Left by Turners:
Candle 11
Left by Luan Andrews :
Candle leaf
Left by The Brindley’s :
A year has passed since you left us Jay and losing you gets no easier. We cherish every memory, every word you ever spoke, your smile, your laugh, your bear hugs, even your terrible jokes. Nothing could even replace that hole that you have left behind, until we met again Jay, please stay close by our sides.xxxx
Though your smile is gone forever, and your hand we cannot touch. Still we have your memories of you, who we loved so very much. Your memory is our keepsake with which we will never part. Heaven has you in it's keeping, but we have you in our hearts.
Love you always and forever Jay. Love Rachel, James, Linda, Simon, Jake, Brandon and Cole xxxxxxx
Candle 10
Left by Rachel:
Time does not heal the grief we feel,
Our moments in time are now memories, your death seems so unreal,
We can’t forget the moment when a knife was plunged into our hearts,
A time we never imagined we would be apart.
Time will not mend the hole, there is no medicine that will make us feel whole,
Time was cut short for you as well as our dreams and future too.
Now we live moment by moment, we search for a way through our grief torment,
We look at your pictures, precious moments in time, we know that our grief will last a lifetime.
If only we could turn back time we would still choose you to be a part of our lives every time,
Our memories are timeless they transcend all time and are limitless.
We spend a lot of time just thinking of you, time only increases our love for you,
Tick tick goes the incessant clock.
With each tick we travel nearer to you until on Heaven’s door we’ll knock,
As time moves on we’ll not let go of you, we’ll still hold your hand in ours,
Our love will live forever and will outlast the sands of time.
We love and miss you so much xx❤️xx
Beard family:
Today it has been a year since you passed away Jay. The world changes from year to year, our lives from day to day but the love and memory of you shall never pass away. Our hearts ache today just like the day you passed away. We thought about you yesterday, we will think about you today, we will think about you tomorrow and every day after that until we meet again. We can't see you with our eyes or touch you with our hands but we will feel you in our hearts forever.

We love and miss you more every day!

Love you forever, Dave, Sonia, Reece, Lucy, Tommy, Ben, Shan, Harrison & Dom ❤️❤️❤️
The Brindley’s :
Candle sun
Left by Beard family:
Such an amazing man with a huge heart and the biggest smile and infectious laugh. You are missed so greatly Jay always and forever. ❤️❤️❤️ The Fullers xxxxxx
Rachel :
Candle heart
Left by Rachel :