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Candle 11
Left by Jason Stray :
Sorry to read of old Ron's passing. Now reunited with Olive. RIP.
John Brown:
To an amazing person, i have heard many great stories about you whether it’s going on your foreign adventures or singing randomly to ‘shotgun’, you meant everything to Beccy and always made her smile. Rest in peace X
A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. A gentleman who always showed unconditional love to his granddaughter. I did not know you, but met you once briefly.
However when Beccy would talk about you she would be smiling from ear to ear. I could see how much you meant to her. A loving, kind and gentle soul Ronald.
Beccy I know your grandad is so proud of you and he knows how hard you fought for his corner and how you battled against everyone to get the best care for your grandad.
You gave up so much because you wanted too, not because you had too... you made sure your grandad had the best care in his final days.
You know what they say “ God takes those who he loves the most” so your grandad was definitely someone special.
No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. But take comfort in knowing that he is now with your Grandma looking down on you. ❤️
With love and prayers
Aleyah Butt:
Grandad, so full of fun and mischief - with endless jokes, “ How do you draw the curtains ? ...... With a pencil of course” I will treasure these memories forever
Sleep tight, you’ll never be forgotten x
Rachel Wallace :
Tribute photo for Ronald CRISP
Young at heart
Left by Rachel Wallace :
It is with the greatest sadness I have to tell you all my Grandad passed away from cancer on Wednesday 16th.
Words cannot describe the pain I am feeling right now, I’m absolutely devastated and my heart is completely shattered.
You were so brave and strong and I know you tried your absolute best fighting this battle, you couldn’t have tried any harder than you did.
I am so proud to call you my grandad, you meant everything to me and were the most kindest gentleman I know. The absolute best and such a legend! Really you were my dad and a best friend.
You’ve looked after me my entire life and showed me what real love is.
I’m so lost without you, you have left a huge hole in all our lives and life will never be the same again.
I miss you terribly grandad and I love you always and forever.
I’m glad your no longer suffering, go be at peace with my grandma, the absolute love of your life and a true love story. Finally you can enjoy that glass of whisky or cider.
It’s never goodbye grandad. I know just like grandma you will always stay watching over me.
I’m going to do you proud and give you the best funeral, just like you wanted.
Until we meet again, goodnight for now my darling sweetheart.
Your Beccyboo
Rebecca Bufton:
Miss you grandad XXX
Oh how much I miss you grandad! Hope you’re up there smiling and are happy as can be with grandma! You were the most kindest, amazing person ever. ❤️
Georgia Crisp:
Tribute photo for Ronald CRISP
Always loved, always smiling.
Left by Rebecca Bufton: