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Adding charitable donations
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Tributes page remembers your beloved dogs who've gone over the Rainbow Bridge

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Published 21/09/2021
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By Nia Dalton

If you have ever lost a dog, you will know the immense pain and sadness of a quieter house and an empty dog bed.

On our sister site, the TeamDogs community are remembering the beautiful and beloved dogs that are gone but not forgotten.

Their Memorials Page shares tributes to the best friends that we have loved and lost. It celebrates the highs and lows of the beautiful blessing that is owning a dog.

We can't promise there won't be tears reading this - these eulogies are sure to tug on your heartstrings, but they will bring you comfort and peace if you can relate to the grief of losing a member of the family:

Cockapoo Charlie passed away just last month, after a sudden and devastating tumour. He was only 11-years-old.

Owner Annie described Charlie as: “the most cleverest beautiful friend” who was “taken far too soon”.

“Charlie you will never ever be forgotten and we will always love you. Until we meet again,” Annie said.

Julie lost her good old boy Jack just last week, after a long battle with cancer.

“He was one of the family and we loved him so much, he will always be with us,” Julie said.

Beautiful Pebbles lived 16 long and happy years with owner Shirley Riella, before passing away in July.

“What a blow we set ourselves up for,” Shirley said. “I love you dearly my darling girl and my heart feels so sad still. You lived your best life and gave us so much joy.”

Adorable Frank was a “true little character, so loving, with his funny ways”.

Owner Sharon Brison describes how it was “so sad to have to watch our funny little man, with this awful disease”, after Frank developed degenerative myelopathy.

“He is lost from my side, but forever in my heart,” taken too soon at just six years old.

“Run free our beautiful boy."

Like many houses, caring Charlie supported his family through the hardest times last year.

“Through every lockdown and curveball 2020 brought, Charlie was there and has happy as ever. We are so grateful we got to spend his last year at home with him,” owner George Grantham said.

He described Charlie as “the fussiest, cuddliest dog there ever was.”

“We’ll love you forever Chaz.”
To post your own dog tribute, visit TeamDogs Memorials page by clicking on the button below.
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