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What do you buy for someone who lost a loved one?

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Published 26/10/2020
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When you know someone close who has lost a loved one it is natural for us to want to make them feel better in any way - this can include giving them a gift to show how much you care. However, it is sometimes a struggle to think of an original idea for a gift, and not just resort to the usual sympathy flowers. This blog will help you think of some ideas for gifts for someone who is going through a difficult time.

Six alternatives to sympathy flowers

A Hamper
A hamper can be a really thoughtful gift. You can fill it with lots of items that you know what person likes and it will make them feel better, appreciated and loved. Items can include bath bombs, chocolate, sweets, a mug, favourite drinks, face mask, beauty products, literally anything you know they like that’s small enough to fit in a hamper basket you can use.

Photo Frame
A picture can say a thousand words. You might have a picture of all of you together and it’ll help them remember the happy times you all shared together. If you don’t have a picture of all of you, a lovely photo frame would be a lovely gift so they could get a special photo for it and always look back on it.

A piece of jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive but it can mean a lot. You can normally find low priced but high-quality jewellery gifts from Etsy. A necklace, bracelet, a ring something they wear every day can bring comfort as they’re always with them.

Comforting Memorial Cushion
This can be a special way to show sympathy and to remember a lost loved one. You can have personalised ones with names, pictures, date of birth and death as well as quotes, verses etc. A cushion can be very comforting to hug/squeeze on rough days or anytime you miss them. You can even have a personalised memorial cushion made using a piece of clothing once worn by the lost loved one, such as this one by The Lovely Keepsake Company.

The list is endless on what type of ornaments you could get for someone who has lost a loved one. You could try thinking of something that the person likes or the person deceased liked and relate it to that or it could have a lovely message on it or anything you thought just looked nice. The person receiving the gift will be so appreciating of the thought.

A gift doesn’t have to be an item
If you’re really struggling for a gift idea or you don’t have much money a caring gesture can be a heart-warming alternative. Do something nice for them such as take them for a coffee, help with their food shopping, walk their dog, a house choir. Some tasks may seem overwhelming whilst grieving in. These gestures can go a long way to show someone you care.

We hope this blog has helped you think of some ideas of what to buy someone that’s lost a loved one but remember they’ll mainly appreciate you being there for them.

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