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Funeral Service of Geoffrey Hudson HUDSON

Keelby, Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.

H & HJ Huteson & Sons Funeral Directors
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H & HJ Huteson & Sons Funeral Directors
H & HJ Huteson & Sons Funeral Directors
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Geoffrey HudsonHUDSONA funeral service for Mr. Geoffrey Alan Hudson (77) of Keelby, who passed away on 8th February 2020, was conducted by Reverend Mark Hudson at St. Bartholomew's Church, Keelby on Friday 21st February 2020 and was followed by committal at Keelby Cemetery. Family mourners attending: Mabel Hudson, wife, Jean & Barry Dannatt, sister & brother-in-law, Margaret Patrick (also rep. Mick Patrick), sister-in-law, Christine Drust (also rep. Tony, Joanne, niece, Nicola, niece & Tim), sister-in-law, Tracey Dannatt, niece, Nicola & John Somerscales ( also rep. Emily & Lucy), niece & husband, Karen Owen-Brown (also rep. Martin & Josh, great-nephew, Mandy & Colin Broadbent, niece & husband, Mark & Ellee Hudson, nephew & wife), niece, Lisa Patrick (also rep. Neil, Jessica & Lauren), niece, Robin Patrick (also rep. Ellie & Bailey, great-nieces), nephew, Christopher Atkin (also rep. Kerry, Willow & Houghley), godson, Nicholas Atkin (also rep. Jemma, Elsie & Florence Atkin), godson, Christopher Atkin (also rep. Kerry, Willow & Houghley), godson, Nicholas Atkin (also rep. Gemma, Elsie & Florence), godson, Matthew Atkin & Katie Leamor, godson & partner, Donna & Alex Patrick (also rep. Breanna & Tobi, god daughter & godson) Others attending included: Gill & Ron Sheppard, Beverley & David Atkin, Kimberley & Carling Dean, Lloyd Dean (also rep. Ellse, Ava & Isaac), Beverly & David Atkin, Kimberley & Earling Dean, Lloyd Dean (also rep. Ellee, Ava & Isaac), Carol & Arthur Spalding (also rep. Nell Hubbert), Mr. & Mrs. D. & E. Harriman (also rep. Karen, Mark & Pat), Mr. & Mrs. B. Drinkell, Mr. & Mrs. N. Parkinson (also rep. Parkinson Family & Trevor), Mr. & Mrs. P. Maddison, Mr. & Mrs. T. Hackford, Mr. D. Grimley (also rep. Mrs. R. Grimley), Mr. M. Rands, Mr. B. Hurst (also rep. Mrs. C. Hurst & Mr. & Mrs. M. Parker), Mr. & Mrs. P. Smy, Mr. & Mrs. J. Spandler, Mr. B. Watt (also rep. Mrs. J. Watts), Mr. & Mrs. A. Sleight, Mrs. B. Clayton (also rep. Mr. A. Bryant & Mrs. B. Beedham), Mrs. K. Lingard (also rep. Mr. A. Lingard), Mr. & Mrs. T. Gillepie, Mr. N. Walmsley, Mr. & Mrs. J. Knipe (also rep. Mr. P. Knipe), Mrs. S. Harrison (also rep. Mrs. S. Lancaster), Mrs. R. Binnington, Mr. R. Hollowday. Mr. J. Dannatt. Mr. & Mrs. M. Skipworth, Mr. S. Crowston (also rep. Mrs. B. Crowston), Mr. & Mrs. J. Moralee (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. P. Moralee & Mr. & Mrs. G. Avison), Mr. & Mrs. D. Parkinson (also rep. Ryan & Danika), Mrs. P. Thompson (also rep. Mrs. B. Lawson), Mr. S. Hollowday (also rep. Mrs. P. Hollowday), Mr. & Mrs. G. Atkin, Mr. P. Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. T. Griffin (also rep. Mr. P. Griffin), Mr. & Mrs. P. Markam, Mr. & Mrs. J. Parker, Mrs. S. Cartwright (also rep. Mr. C. Cartwright), Mr. S. Cartwright (also rep. Mr. D. Burr & Mr. S. Rosher), Mrs. M. Moorcroft, Mr. J. Hodson, Mr. F. Tapp, Mrs. L. Fussey, Mr. & Mrs. J. Sonmerscales (also rep. Miss K. Somerscales & Miss J. Somerscales), Mr. T. White, Mrs. C. Atherton, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lea, Mr. R. Fisher, Mrs. W. Wood, Mrs. W. Kennedy (also rep. Mr. J. Kennedy), Mr. C. Read (also rep. Read Family), Mrs. J. Meredith, Miss B. Humphrey, Mr. M. Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. P. Scott, Mrs. J. Ward, Mrs. E. Swinton, Mr. & Mrs. R. Codd, Mr. & Mrs. J. Gilfoyle, Mr. & Mrs. A. Saxton (also rep. Mrs. C. Helps), Master J. Bestwick (also rep. Mrs. A. Plaskitt), Mr. & Mrs. D. Somerscales, Mr. & Mrs. B. Armstrong, Mr. C. Atkin, Mr. T. Thompson (also rep. G.B. & G. Thompson & Sons & Vale Farm Swallow), Mr. & Mrs. D. Mason, Mr. M. Read, Mr. & Mrs. G. Rhodes, Mr. M. Reeves (also rep. Mr. M. Toyne & Mrs. F. Reeves), Mrs. V. Bonnett (also rep. Mr. R. Bonnett), Mr. M. Tuplin, Mr. & Mrs. S. Bryson, Miss I. Bryson, Mr. E. Bryson, Mrs. P. Dawkins (also rep. Mr. J. Dawkins), Lord Yarborough, Mr. R. Firth, Mr. C. Danby, Mr. R. Day, Mr. & Mrs. J. Lingard, Mrs. D. Wassell, Mr. & Mrs. S. Howden, Mrs. C. Kennedy, Mrs. S. Shepherd, Mrs. J. Shepherd, Miss Jean Parker, Miss Jane Parker (also rep. Family), Mr. E. Parker, Mr. & Mrs. R. Robinson (also rep. Barbara & Nev Fisher, Wendy & Michael Dannatt), Mr. & Mrs. H. Barton (also rep. Roger Sommerscales), Mr. & Mrs. R. Austin, Mrs. D. Coulson, Mr. B. Coulson, Mr. & Mrs. L. Parkinson, Mr. & Mrs. B. Waller (also rep. Mary & Don Shaw), Mr. & Mrs. K. Hewis (also rep. Marion Hewis. R. & P. Neilson), Mrs. H. Atkinson, Mrs. P. Green, Mrs. S. Twigger (also rep. Jack & Family), Mr. & Mrs. G. Nichols (also rep. Glen Thompson, Jenny Smith & Barry Smith), Mr. A. Barker, Mrs. P. Phillips, Mr. J. Jackson (also rep. Family), Mrs. E. Parker, Mr. J. Joyce (also rep. Family), Mrs. T. Smaller, Mr. J. Davenport (also rep. Mrs. M. Soames), Mr. & Mrs. J. Knapton (also rep. Imogen), Mrs. L. Sykes, Miss D. Hargate, Mrs. P. Atkin, Mr. & Mrs. D. Howe, Mrs. J. Patterson, Miss J. Eddison (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. D. Riggs), Mrs. G. Parker (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. P. Mickleburgh), Mrs. B. Somerscales (also rep. Stuart), Mr. & Mrs. M. Day (also rep. Richard & Christine Towler), Mrs. M. Peacock (also rep. Mick), Mr. & Mrs. M. Gardener (also rep. Gary Atkinson), Mr. & Mrs. S. Lea, Mrs. E. Williams (also rep. Pam Bailey), Mathew Williams, Mr. & Mrs. R. Dannatt, Mr. D. Bradley (also rep. Claire Bradley, Darren & Hayley Bradley), Mr. C. Appleby, Mrs. J. North (also rep. Skizzers), Mrs. J. Parkinson, Mr. M. Woodliffe, Miss A. Kirkby, Mrs. H. Somerscales (also rep. Tom), Mr. B. Baker, Mr. K. Dannatt Funeral arrangements were by H & HJ Huteson & Sons of Barton-upon-Humber, Immingham & Winterton.
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