Another christmas without you Mam the tears still flow Just thinking about the christmases we shared, They seem magical to me now even more so. All my love to you Dad baby A J and family in heaven. Love and miss you so much. In my heart,thoughts and prayers always. Eileen x
Left by Mrs Eileen Fisher: 20/12/2019
My mamπŸ’– and my beautiful little boy LaddieπŸ•πŸΎπŸΎ it seems to get harder with each passing year that goes by, Christmas will soon be here another one without you both, I miss you so very much it breaks my heart πŸ’” just thinking about it.Please keep a watch over us especially little Laddo 🐢🐾🐾 he's a sweetheartπŸ’™. Keep Laddie close Mam never let him go just till I get (meet me in my dreams)XXX.
Left by Love πŸ’˜ 09/12/2019
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Mam and beautiful little furboy πŸ•πŸΎπŸΎ Laddie, the pain of losing you both never goes away,it stays with me every single day. I love πŸ’– you both so very xxxπŸ’›
Left by All my love 01/11/2019
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