James, James, James, son, brother, nephew, best friend, friend and aquaintancethe world is a poorer place with your passing. Everyone loved you, but no one could help you and your friends, in your time of need, For this we are truely sorry.Loved and remembered Graeme & Jackie Reid.
Left by Graeme Reid: 28/04/2009
I’m very sad to hear of the loss of James, We had not kept in touch for a while but I used to play online games with him when I was younger and went to a couple of gaming events with him in England (WoF and BanLanRisng).He was a truly nice person and never heard him say a bad word about anyone.My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.
Left by Andrew Fay: 14/04/2009
There must be many tens thousands of people around this country and the world who have seen this young man's hopeful, kind face and felt so desperately sorry for those who were close to him. I am nearing the end of my helicopter pilot training and hope, one day soon, to be entrusted with the care of people like James in the North Sea. I will remember one face always. Safe journey ahead, James.
Left by Patrick Muirhead: 06/04/2009
As childhood friends I have the memories of us playing computer games for hours and eating your mum's fine cooking. I feel sad that we did not keep in touch over the last 14 years but I am happy to see you lived your life to the full and achieved great things. I cannot even begin to think how much you will be missed by your family and friends but I send out my deepest condolences to all of them in the hope that they can get through this difficult time.I'm glad to have known you dear friend, may you forever rest in peace.
Left by Arrash Nekonam: 06/04/2009
Moose - your passing is a tragic loss to a great many people. One of the nicest, most switched-on and friendly people you could hope to meet. I'll always remember you showing us the broken bits of the wingmirror on your car still trying to work after some halfwit had vandalised it when you were away. You weren't bitter or angry about it, like I would have been, you took it in your stride and just laughed (and made us laugh) and showed us how daft it looked with this bunch of wiring and leds waving about and flashing aimlessly where the mirror unit used to be. I'll always remember that with a smile. It's a privilege to have met you and impossible to take in that I won't have that pleasure again. My thoughts and all my sympathy are with your family and friends.
Left by Simon Dix: 05/04/2009