R.I.P James, you will be sorely missed.It only seems like yesterday I was persuading his Mum to let him come to one of the early BLRs at Highfield.. I remember picking up a quiet, polite 15yr old lad from Boro train station who seemed nothing like his online persona.Over the 10 years I've known Moose I've witnessed him change from the quiet school boy into the confident, happy go lucky young man that we'll all remember him as.I miss you Moose, our gaming sessions together and the screams of Moooooooooooooose as you join the servers.
Left by Rick Steer: 05/04/2009
James,I was on the Miller a few weeks ago and although I never knew you personally I remember you eating your dinner with us a few times and coming down the gym for some circuit training. You were a nice lad with a very friendly natureI was shocked and devastated to hear about what happened to you an the rest of the lads in this terrible accident.My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time..Tris GallagherOceaneering
Left by Tris Gallagher: 05/04/2009
Words are failing me really .. James was always 'moosey' to me since I knew him as a young and shy lad of 15. He was a wonderful friend, a great gentle and generous young man and someone who I considered a surrogate son. I was proud in every possible way of having known him .. I miss him so much .. Thank you for letting us all share your life ..
Left by Ana Hughes: 03/04/2009
To moose.thank you for playing games and things with me.my cousins chris and thom will allways remember you and are very sad.auntie sandra and uncle sandy will help the boys and your family through these hard times..love from alex age 9 vi and les.
Left by Alex Ponting - Hoggan: 03/04/2009
James was an inspirational friend to me. We kept in touch since uni and I am just glad I got to see him after Christmas when he was staying over in London. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family. What a tragedy. He will be sorely missed.
Left by Maija Young: 03/04/2009