I'm leaving this message on behalf of my father, John Thomas. He has commented a few times that he hasn't seen Keith around (they would often bump into each other at the local supermarket and catch up) and that he hoped that he was okay.But sadly I see that Keith has passed on. My father could not pay his respects at Keith's funeral so he would like to do it now. My father has known Keith for years, and has always said what a lovely bloke he was. Although they didn't see each other often, my father was very fond of Keith. He would always tell us what a fighting spirit he had, and marvel at how he always soldiered on, despite his illness. Our thoughts are with Joan and the rest of Keith's family at the loss of such a character, may he rest in peace.
Left by Lisa Michelle Thomas: 14/06/2011
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Left by Allison - Chiropodist Bonymaen :
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