It is so poignant isn't it? I'm a trustee of the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust (to build the memorial). My gt.nan died in it, aged 54. I grew up with her daughter, who lived to 89 and her granddaughter who's still going strong at 80 so she probably would have lived to see me born in 1958 and part of my chindhood had this not happened.At the memorial service in March all the trustees read out a portion of victims names. I thought I was prepared, I've read the names so many times, but when I saw the ages on my list I cracked. Whole families or the women and children at least. Imagine the horror for the men away at war to find out they'd lost their family at home? Horrible.I'll paste some of the stories here too but meanwhile if you want to read more go to the website www. stairwaytoheavenmemo rial. org or find us on facebook (The Bethnal Green Tube Disaster).It's interesting and poignant even if you have no connection.Any help gratefully received. Keep an eye on events coming up, they're fun and help us raise money.Thank you.Anna.x
Left by Anna Reid: 19/04/2010
It's heartbreaking to see the names and ages of so many little children.Being in London during the Blitz must have been so scarey for them and their mums - and then for such a tragedy to happen.Thanks for posting this tribute and giving us all something to think about. I wasn't born in the war but I am a mum and my heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones in this disaster.
Left by Anna Philips: 19/04/2010
Thank you so much for starting this tribute.I feel ashamed to say I didn't really know much about this terrible incident.It's very moving to see that list of names and ages. You are right that they deserve a memorial in the real world.I hope more people show support on this tribute page for all that you are trying to achieve.Thank you again.
Left by Julie Smith: 19/04/2010