Hi Pet. The day is starting cold, more rain forecast. At least it will save me watering the garden. I still can't get my head round you being taken from me. Every second,of every day my heart aches for you. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 20/09/2016
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Left by Bettie Martin You are the missing link. xxxxxx :
Morning ,my dearest Farquhar. Today is our Grandson David Farquhar's 28th birthday Where has all that time gone. We went up to Edinburgh to see him when he was a wee bairn. He's a big strapping lad now. I gave him a lot of your things, also his Mam Heather got your black trilby,which she wears. You didn't have any girly things to give away to family girls, but Heather seems happy with your hat. Mark is coming to borrow your car, he has a few old garden chairs he wants to take to the tip. Life is so strange here now, a link is missing out of our family chain. No-one can replace it but you. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 19/09/2016
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Left by Bettie Martin Love you always Farquhar xxxx :
Hello Pet, Jacqui and Mark are coming home today, that means Louie will be going home too. He seems to be a lot better now. I always miss him when he's gone, but the kids bring him everyday to see me. I hope our Gill has had a pain free night. The hospital gave her stronger pain killers. She wants to be able to enjoy her holiday with Steve in Mexico. I still can't understand how life goes on without you in the world. I will never get over you being taken from me Darling Farquhar. I'll love you till every breath has left my body. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 18/09/2016