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Left by Bettie Martin You're always on my mind xxxx :
Morning Darling. The longer it gets since you were taken from me, gets harder every day. I know I will never stop missing or loving you. My tears for you are endless Farq. I took Gill to Rowley Hall hospital twice yesterday. She had xray, scan and injection in her left shoulder after she'd had 30 mins consultation. Hopefully she'll be pain free for her holiday with Steve in Mexico. Our last holiday was to the Dom Rep. I haven't had a holiday since then. I just won't go away without you, my life will never be the same alone. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 17/09/2016
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Left by Bettie Martin Brokenhearted over you Farq. xxxx :
Hello my dearest Farquhar. It's 2 24am. I'm sitting here with Louie, he's not well, I've brought the fan in from the garage to keep him cool. He's not moving a lot, not his usual self. If he doesn't improve by the time I come back from taking Gill to Radley Hall for her injections, I'll be taking him back to the vets. I hope nothing happens to him while Jacqui's away. I'll never stop needing you to help me Farq, for as long as I live. You were always there to help and tell me what was best too do. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 16/09/2016
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Left by Bettie Martin We were a good team together xxxx :