Hi Pet. Been working in your garden. Got some new fence panels, Mark is coming to help put them in place. Looks like I'll have to get a skip to take all the old panels away, also old wood the kids have left behind. I'm making a new rule now. The kids take their rubbish away, then I wouldn't have to get a skip. But the again, we were never a home for making rules. The kids were always good. I long for you to be with me Farq. I'll never, ever stop missing you. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 13/09/2016
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Left by Bettie Martin You are always my special baby. xxx :
Hi Farq, How many ways can I tell you that I love and miss you so much. I think I must have told you every way possible. I keep you close to me at all times. I want you back with me so badly Darling. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 12/09/2016
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Left by Bettie Martin My love for you never dies.xx :
Dearest Farquhar, Another of our old passengers has passed away. So you'll be seeing Dennis Hibbs now. All our passengers became our friends, best thing you ever thought of was starting a private hire service in Handscare. All the villagers speak fondly of you , and what a good reliable business you ran. I miss having a meal ready for you, and all your drivers when you all came in after the school contract runs. You always had a cuppa ready for me when I came in. I miss all the little things that meant so much to us Farquhar. Always yours Betyourpet xxxx
Left by Bettie Martin: 11/09/2016