Mate Cannot believe its been 3 years since we last saw you, your memory is still as alive as it ever was. We see you every day in your pictures and have such good memories. You were one in a million and our lives wereenriched for knowing you. Emma's round tonight for our one and only meal of Fajita's! I'll score 5 for you at footie and have a few beers in your memory! Rest in peace buddy, never forgotten. Jon, Sam and Aaron Michael
Left by Jonathan Wakefield: 29/07/2010
This isn't a memory.. just wanted to tell you that I'm doing a skydive in June for 'Help for Heroes'... I know it can't help those we've lost but I'm hoping I'll raise enough to make a difference to someone.... any diffenence one can make has to be a good one right? x
Left by Fiona Wilkinsin: 17/04/2010
Summers on its way, visited Camel last weekend in your memory...miss you lots but was happy to see you in my dream the other night which makes me think you're up there causing mischief i hope ha ha...miss you lots & cant believe it will be three years soon, how time has passed & how sad that life goes on without you...Death is very cruel & as we get older it gets more & more...Hope you're enjoying your wings xxx
Left by Hayley Howes: 16/04/2010
Great story Claire ha ha Michael loved his dressing up! i had some cracking pics of him in a leopard print thong but sadly deleted them, mind you i'm not sure he'd be happy for those to be put on ha ha he had drunk a few glasses of wine! would love to know the story on the Batman outfit, & to see pics if anyone has them!Well done for putting some new pics up & thanksx
Left by Hayley Howes: 19/02/2010
This is a memory triggered by dave's lego batman game! its not about michael but from after he died. we all experienced the heart ache of recieving his belongings at Newbald. but there was some amusement caused. for some reason mike had a batman costume. bekah chose to keep it (anyone know about the outfit?). she tried it on and proceeded to run around going duna duna batman! then fell over a load of boxes full of mog's stuff. i caught it on my phone but unfortunately it got deleted by the kids. mum was kind n asked beks if she was alright i was just laughing cos it was so funny, need her to do it again lol so i can catch it xxx
Left by Claire Jones: 15/02/2010