R.i.p my friend you will always be in my thoughts sleep tight till we meet again someday xxxxx
Left by Debbie cole: 22/11/2018
Candle 11
Left by Debbie cole :
Goodnight Nat sleep peacefully with your loved ones as your family look after your babies . They will all grow up to make you proud . In return they will look after your mam and dad give back to them all the love and support that they have given to you all over the years . Such a lovely girl such a cruel world . Peace after so much pain . Eternal love Paula Neil & family xxxx
Left by Paula Savage: 22/11/2018
Candle 10
Left by Paula Savage :
Goodnight little sis. You sleep tight now. The children will make you so proud and we promise to look after them so don’t you worry. Me Kelly Olivia and Owen love you so much and missing you like mad. You be that bright star looking above your beautiful kids. Goodnight Nat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Left by Wayne Saunders: 22/11/2018