I'm going to Nia's 21st birthday party later looking forward to it.Yes Daniel leekys still with her,she's lovely you would have got to know her yourself by now ,and you'd see it too how happy she makes your brother. Your sister and Tom are going too and I know you and Corey would have been invited too if only you were still with us .I'm so sad for your kids,their first fathers day without you tomorrow.Elliot's still struggling without you ,he's so confused by what's happened ,I think his little mind just can't process losing you he's just too young to properly understand.Well I'll talk to you tomorrow,bye for now xxxxxx
Left by Love always from mammy xxxxx: 15/06/2019
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There are so many regrets I have and I wish I could talk them out with you. Life is so unfair, I had my wedding to keep me going now that’s over I am struggling. Love you millions wish I could tell you xxxxxx
Left by Becca : 08/06/2019
Wish you were here so I could send you pictures of where I’m staying. Love and miss you everyday xxxxxxx
Left by Rebecca : 07/06/2019
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