🦋Little clip of my little companion but more friendly bless! I am a very spiritual person like my son.. this butterfly never flew out the window, even though it was open, I would put it on the nets to where it would close his wings and rest. I have ones where I had been very low, and then it would appear on my bed walking up and down, it calmed me because I had no family. I would finally go to sleep and it would be on the picture rail, above the bed but gone in the morning...till it appeared next. Very comforting to me and people could not believe it till they seen the videos, but so many.🦋🤍🦋 xxx loved my son😔
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❤️Bought for me 38 yrs ago from your little boy kade, still smell of strawberries 🍓 bless, not found their armchair, yet but sure I will, always treasure, like your Ted 🧸 but he went on your Journey placed in your arms to heaven.😘 loved and missed so much Aaron. xxx mom😘
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Aaron xxx 😘 love mom xxx
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