Founds the teddies you gave me over the years... your mug so pretty and candle never used. But all like new, kades, strawberry teddies, that you bought for me from him really old but look new. Just smell something, of strawberries πŸ“ on them them. Still now, and again have latte, and Tiffin at Costa in your memory. But son I don’t like Tiffin, but I eat it for loved them. Girls remember you in Barnstaple said you were handsome and they always asked me how I am when they see me...such kind thoughts and caring young people. Not found very often. Must look at paper work soon getting closer to the dreaded files....loved and missed my Aaron. Xxx
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In over my 5 years gone navigating the world as a bereaved mom, I am continually struck by the power of my bond between bereaved parents. strangers become kindreds in mere seconds- a look, a glance, of the heart connects us, even if we’ve never met before. No matter our circumstances, who we are, or how different we are, there is no greater bond than the connection, between parents who understand the agony of enduring the death of a child. It’s a pain we suffer for a lifetime, and unfortunately only those who have walked the path of a child loss understand the depth and breadth of both pain and the love we carry. I have wrote so much over the years of my experiences, today Wednesday I actually opened up my sons things... everything just has I packed it with love, and tears.😒 but a great achievement on my part has his mom. Xxx loved beyond comprehension.
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My father would put his medals on and carry the foreign legion flag every year till he died suddenly. He only once said something to me when I was a young girl, about the war, then his eyes were teary and said no more he was in the Royal Navy never forget his very proud moments. And distinctively remember Adrian king playing the last post at dads funeral, was a very sad Aaron was very young. But united with his grandad in heaven. God bless! 😘
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When my son died πŸ˜” I saw a medium about 2 yrs later she said my son was met by my fatherπŸ’”this made me happy.😒 and again last year by a gentleman who said your father is with him... if believe this..❀️
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