There are two kinds of weakness: the one that bends and the one that breaks. It will come out💙
Left by 💙💛Mom💙💛: 25/07/2019
You were a very popular young man but you knew that anyway people and friends often talk about how handsome you were and lovely personality. That little mischievous grin and laugh! Will never leave me... you were to caring to “FORGET”🖤🥰🖤
Left by Mom🦋: 23/07/2019
It is better in have a heart without words Than words without a heart.❤️
Left by Mom❤️: 23/07/2019
🖤🤷‍♀️The day comes when we realise that life begins every dawn, that the disappointments die at night and that hope is reborn in the morning. Miss you son. Xox😔
Left by Devoted mom x😘: 23/07/2019
❤️ Aaron you were the best son a mom could have.. and your lost is is incomprehensible, miss our days out.😔😘
Left by Love mom🥰: 19/07/2019