Candle 11
Left by Anne :
I remember at counselling months later a butterfly few out, into the room exactly the same one I had at home. the councillor was shocked she said in her 25 yrs of counceling in that room she had never been blessed with the experience, and was quite overwhelmed when I told her about my butterfly.
Left by Mom: 11/10/2019
鳶This butterfly appeared late one evening and went on my bed... I was it was with me till my son returned home in the November. It then would go above the bed on a rail, till I was asleep, in the morning was gone... so many videos of this but I just managed to watch this... then shortly after died. It would go on the never! ever flew out the window. 鳶
Left by Love mom鳶: 11/10/2019
恫狄ew tears to day sonh徉兩儭 潃儭俏ite, nite my angel劾
Left by 徉劾Love mom徉劾: 10/10/2019
臧ite, nite my son talked a lot today about you with professionals... about the Profound, loss and Trauma,of my loss of you.I still write... but you would know, that. xxx
Left by 痰Love mom x: 05/10/2019