Candle 13
Left by Sid & Alison :
Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you John. Love Liam and Maureen. Houston TX.
Left by Liam and Maureen Dunne: 14/08/2019
I was moved when I saw Jonny's photo in the Examiner,it brought back so many memories of Jonny and the times we all had together, yes he always came into the pub with his big smile, no matter what, together with friends that I have not mentioned Iain Lee, Patrick Bradley, there are many, I cannot remember all there names. It brings back so many good memories of the years when we were young men out together and of Jonny may he Rest in Peace, Amen
Left by Martin Allott: 14/08/2019
Sorry to read about Jonny's death in the Examiner it's many years ago that we all used to go around together, Jonny, Patrick (sometimes) Pete Connelly, Michael Kaye Terry Garrigan David Grimes, and the others from the Royal Swan, Wellinton pubs in Huddersfield, brings back memories of long ago, middle 1960 - 1973 ish. Martin Allott
Left by Martin Allott: 14/08/2019
Always smiling a top bloke will be missed by all
Left by Darren Folan: 14/08/2019