I think of playing with clay at Liggett, Picasso, you tanning with my dad in the backyard, me interrupting your parties on Beaconsfield, killer vines from comics on photos, your laugh, bug collection in back window of your car, Huey Lewis concert on the Sports tour, terrible maple syrup, teaching me 3-D lettering. Miss you Binnie.
Left by Paul: 20/08/2019
There are so many things i could say about you Bin. I can remember the wonderfully different lens on life your eyes had. You were always different in the best of ways. Highlights embedded include your powderpuff blue mustang, weird sense of decorating, strange dog quest, and that you called my dad Wilson. You will always be remembered.
Left by Fritz: 20/08/2019
Mrs Anderson, you touched the hearts of many and will always truly be remembered for your talents and your love and support. I’m saddened to hear of your passing. You will always be such a big part of my life and I thank you so much for everything you did for me and all your students at roydshall. You were the most amazing photographer and teacher anyone could have wished for. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace lovely lady. Love always Sohail xx
Left by Sohail : 19/08/2019
Bea will forever be my favorite and earliest instigator. She was as entertaining as a toddler, as she was as an adult. The art projects, the crazy plans, and the wild rides she took this big sister on will forever make me smile. Everyone who knew her has a funny story about a Bea moment. We will miss you here on earth...And look out Big Ray... the plaster of paris is missing. God speed.
Left by Kate Lenneman: 18/08/2019
Berina was a special person. A relatively recent friend. We met a few years ago and clicked on sight. The times we spent together, and with Ian, will be with me always. Its not often, in your life, that you meet someone who you instantly understand and our brief time as friends will always be precious. We did look forward, to much more time spent in conversation. I will hold you in my heart and remember the joy of you. Sending Ian and all your family, and especially Hattie, who has had an enormous, heartbreaking task to undertake, love, best wishes and a reminiscence of the beauty of the soul of Berina. Much loved friend.
Left by Shelley: 18/08/2019