You can only have one mother patient kind and true No other friend in all the world will be the same to you When other friends forsake you, to mother you will return For all her loving kindness, she asks nothing in return As we look upon her picture, sweet memories we recall Of a face so full of sunshine, and a smile for one and all Sweet Jesus, take this message, to our dear mother up above Tell her how we miss her, and give her all our love
Left by Christine Spencer: 12/09/2019
Candle 2hearts
Left by Christine Spencer :
One of my happiest memories of my favourite cousin, Doreen is her care for me as an only child whose parents both worked. She would keep a watchful eye on me and even took me to church occasionally. Despite being thrown out by the vicar of St Chads, Everton for messing about. Doreen must have done something as twelve years later I went again. Now fifty years later I’m a retired canon of the church!! She was an inspiration of loving care and such good fun . So sorry not to be with you all for the funeral but will be thinking of you all and will get to see you later in the year.
Left by Phillip McFadyen: 12/09/2019
Candle 11
Left by Annie :
Candle 10
Left by Pauline, Springfield Court :