Hope you liked your flowers l left today mum, it's always nice arranging them for you, it's like old times chatting away with your smiling face as we arrange the varses, but miss the hugs that follow. Love you xxx
Left by Linda : 10/01/2020
Happy New year mum, wishing upon a star love you xxxxxxxx
Left by Linda : 01/01/2020
Really struggling with the Christmas celebration, shopping is really hard as I still find myself picking out cloths 4u, and I end up buying a wreath potted flowers for your resting place, how heart breaking is that mum, missing you so much see you later, love you always Linda xx
Left by Linda: 20/12/2019
Miss you so much today mum, xxxxxxxxxxx
Left by Linda: 21/11/2019
Miss you still mum, coming up to my 3rd Christmas with out you and it is still hard, always in my thoughts and heart mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Left by Linda: 01/11/2019