Friday 3rd July I met up with two friends of Gary and I who live in Carluke. We kept our social distance and for a couple of hours we had a chat about various things and sometimes about the time we all spent together when Gary was alive. One of our female friends stated it was her birthday this month and she always remembers that you and her share the same birthday 20th July. They joked about the fact that when I first met you 21 years ago when they asked me what date in July your birthday fell on I informed them it was the 21st. Well when Gary discovered this he used to joking say to me every year when his birthday was due 'what date is my birthday on?. We reminisced about the celebration we had on your 50th birthday and mine with all our friends from Carluke. We had many a good time over the years celebrating with our friends on our birthdays or theirs. It is true what they say monitory things mean nothing when you have lost a loved one but happy beautiful times shared with the one you love are memories that last forever. Your Loving Partner Tricia x
Left by Patricia McCann: 04/07/2020
On Saturday 27th June for the first time since lock-down began I was invited to visit a couple who became friends with Gary and I when we first moved to Carluke in 2000. We kept our social distancing. It cheered me up as we reminisced about our times together as friends. The times we went to the Edinburgh tattoo, the times we enjoyed in The crown in Carluke, the nights out in Carluke Golf club, the many charity nights out we spent with our friends, especially the one Gary were a special bottle of whiskey went up for auction and I kept bidding thinking that I would be out bidded, but I was not and ended up the highest bidder. Worst still when you went to spend a penny I gave it back to be auctioneer to be auctioned the following year. For years afterwards you used to joke to our friends about that bottle of whiskey. The memories we share I could go on and on. However what I am grateful for is that the friends we made in Carluke 21 years ago have remained friends with me and I could not ask for anything more. xx Your loving partner Tricia. XXX .
Left by Patricia McCann: 29/06/2020
Fathers day is upon us tomorrow "My doesn't time seem to fly". I visited Gary's grave to day in Hamilton and placed flowers on his grave. As a front line worker I am unable to visit his grave tomorrow as I am on duty. Every year Fathers day comes around I hold dearly the memories of these days we spent together, going out for a meal in some of our favorite Italian restaurants were we always ordered a sea food dish, one of our favorite meals. Your favorite being Scallops and Sea Bass " My how I miss those days dearly". Your loving partner Tricia.
Left by Patricia McCann: 20/06/2020
In this time of uncertainty in the world there are a few reasons why I am able to remain positive and keep my spirits high. Apart from my family, my occupation as a district nurse and the support of good friends. I hold dearly close to my heart the love and life Gary and I shared for 17 years. As I have been living alone since your passing Gary, any time I feel a little anxious about the uncertainty in the world. I think off you and all the happy times we shared together which gives me comfort and I am able to face the future ahead. Till we meet again. Your loving partner Tricia (Patricia).
Left by Pmg: 06/06/2020
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