Miss you every second of every day baby xxxxxx 💜
Left by Fiona: 02/07/2020
Another month has gone by without you baby, another month of missing you, I love you so much darling, always have and always will xxxxx💜
Left by Fiona: 19/06/2020
It's been 8 month's today and I still can't believe you're gone baby, I talk to you every day, think about you constantly and miss you always, I love you so much darling and always will xxxxx forever yours xxxxxx💜
Left by Fiona: 19/05/2020
Missing you so much darling xxxxx I will love you always xxxxxx💜💜💜
Left by Fiona: 07/05/2020
It's 7 months today since you went to sleep baby and I miss you more and more each and every day, the tears don't stop, I love you with all my heart darling xxxxxx 🦋💜💜💜
Left by Fiona: 19/04/2020