Hello sweetheart, I still miss you dearly, there is a massive hole in my life since you left me that terrible morning. But I have a lot of support off our family. Well angel and you always were my angel, I’m going to your beloved caravan tomorrow to close it down.if you love me, watch over me to make sure I do it right.i decided to keep it open for another season just for you.well gorgeous, time to go, if you still love me, please give me a sign. Yours forever. JIM.
Left by JIM: 20/10/2019
Hello sweetheart, still a massive gap in my life since you left me that awfull morning . Lisa found the feather you left in the bedroom floor, keep sending the signs. Please send me a sign that you still love me, I’m so desperately unhappy since you went away. I’m going to the caravan tomorrow to close it down. I’m keeping it on for one more season just for you.so come and visit me please. I’m going to get some more photos done to hang on the wall so you’ll never be out of my sight. Well my angel,because you were always an angel to me.i must leave now, please think of me, I’ll always think of you. Forever yours. JIM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Left by JIM.: 20/10/2019
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Left by JIM. :
Evening Nan well this weekend hasn’t been great without you I am really starting to miss you now . I miss you calling me up I miss you checking im ok . I want to go back to them times cuddled up on the sofa I am lost without you . Thank you for being the best nan in the world xxx
Left by Lisa: 20/10/2019
Hello my beautiful nan I love you so Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Left by Lisa: 20/10/2019