Evening nan . I cried so much last night sitting in my garden looking up to the sky wondering if you can see me I really miss you every day so so much I wish I could just see you again . We all miss you down here and life is so different for all of us grandad is doing you proud even making jam cakes and gardening . But I think you already know that if your looking down . I love you so much nan forever and always love you all the money in the world xx
Left by Lisa : 30/05/2020
Morning nan I hope Heaven is so beautiful for you I loved Having a. Big feather on my swing chair in the garden I’m Sure that’s sent from you .. love you so much and I miss you so much every moment of everyday xxx
Left by Lisa: 29/05/2020
Janet my lovely Janet.what more can l say. Except that my thoughts and love for you will never fade away.ive got all my memories of you and what you meant to me,that night you left me,my heart died with you.although you are not here in person I feel your here in spirit so if that’s all I can have ,then,will cherish what I’ve got. I’ve filled the garden with flowers. In your memory.and I’ve put lights around your archway to help you find your way home.because I know that is your favourite place.hope fully Well meet again there like we met all those years ago.precious,golden years ago.goodnight my angel god bless you. Jim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Left by Jim Janet’s husband.: 27/05/2020
Candle 2hearts
Left by Jim Janet’s husband. :
Hey nan . I wish you was here with us doesn’t seem right you not being around anymore. I hope you are happy with everything we are doing down here. Me and Owen got a garden swing yesterday to remind me of all the summers we spent in your garden falling asleep on your hammock I miss them days so much but the memories are all stored in my head . The best nan and u you always will be I love you forever ❤️
Left by Lisa: 27/05/2020