Hey nanny missed you so Much today been with grandad and found another feather on your pillow keep sending those signs when you can we love and miss you so much every day ... I lay on your bed today doesn’t feel the same without you .. love you always x
Left by Lisa: 19/10/2019
Evening nan Usually we would be sitting having a cuddle and a catch up at yours I miss that so much. Grandad has took me to the gym and picked me up we’re watching a film together now but it’s so strange uour not sitting with us I know your here in spirit . Good night nan sending you all my love 😍
Left by Lisa: 18/10/2019
Morning nan ... you are missed so much been thinking about you all the time .. going to take grandad for a Costa tomorrow and have some time with him .. we always talk about you and always will . What I would give for one of your cuddles today . Love you always nan ❤️🌈
Left by Lis: 18/10/2019
Hi Jan, I don't know if you can read these but I like to think you have infinite powers as an angel in heaven and can see, hear and read every little thing we do in your honour. I miss you terribly and I think about you all the time. My heart is still broken but we all did you so proud at your send off. Lee was a star and even Lisa said a few words for you could you believe? We danced at your wake to your favourite music and the sun came out the second we did. I can feel you are with us and I promise you I am looking after Lisa for you and I always will to my dying day. I hope you're enjoying all the markets and gossip up there. Til we meet again you gorgeous legend. Love you, Ow ❤❤❤❤
Left by Ryan Ellis: 17/10/2019
Afternoon nan .. been thinking about you a lot today and how much I miss you . I was thinking about you teaching me how to knit 😂 that didn’t go to plan did it . You make me smile so much all our wonderful memories together. Grandad is being looked after I love you always ❤️
Left by Lis: 17/10/2019