Candle 12
Left by Lis :
Hey nan I’ve planted your forget me not in the garden today so I’m hoping it will bloom with flowers and make me think about you and smile. How have you gone nan I still find it so hard to Accept I miss you every day all my love always xxxxx
Left by Lisa: 16/05/2020
Candle 11
Left by Lisa :
Hey beautiful nan I was upset last night hurts so much now I can’t even call you up miss hearing your voice on the phone miss everything about you . I can’t wait to bring you some flowers up and help grandad in the garden you are missed all the time and even found. A feather on my bed last night well Owen did we all miss you and love you so so much you were the queen of the family and always will be xxxxxx
Left by Lisa: 13/05/2020
Candle 10
Left by Lisa :