Candle 14
Left by Jess M :
Candle 10
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Candle 11
Left by Scott :
Sweetheart, I will see you tomorrow to see you off on your journey to meet your family and friends. Please try to give me a sign that you have seen me.all the people both past and present will be there say good bye,so expect a big goodbye from’re so me. So see you tomorrow, mine forever. Jim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Left by Jim janet’s husband.: 10/10/2019
Well nan I had my last ever cuddle with you today I am so glad I got those last visits with you your hair and makeup looks beautiful just how you would like it uour all set for your big day tomorrow . I know you are looking down on us all and sending us the strength to get through tomorrow it’s not over it’s short break I love you so much my heart breaks so much without you ❤️🌈
Left by Lisa Your Granddaughter : 10/10/2019