Candle 11
Left by Lisa :
Good evening nan grandad has moved you upstairs for tonight we think you will enjoy being back up in your room. I said to grandad I want to get a hammock for in your garden So me and grandad can sit on there like we used to although we used to fall asleep out there . I miss you every day and it’s so sad without you and I would give anything to see you again but I know one day I will but still is upsetting when I miss you so much . I can’t wait till lockdown is over so I can bring you some flowers and see grandad you are always in my thoughts . Rest easy nan I love you xxx
Left by Lisa: 08/05/2020
Candle 12
Left by Lisa :
Good night sweetheart I love you ❤️
Left by Lisa: 06/05/2020
Candle 10
Left by Lisa :