Good morning nan, we are all still in lockdown can’t wait till I can bring you some flowers and take them to yours. It’s getting really boring staying home now but it’s for our own good . Wish we was at skeg in the caravan together we had lovely times there miss you love you x
Left by Lisa: 05/05/2020
Sweet dreams my sweetest nan I love you forever ❤️ Going to make one of them hearts for you for the garden xxx
Left by Lisa: 03/05/2020
Hey nan we miss you so so much me and Owen both cried last night because we miss you so much I got your makeup bag out and can still smell you in there all your makeup and hair brush with you hair still in . We looked at all your things and got upset because we miss you so much . We love you always nan and never forget what you did for us love you sweet dreams and I hope you are well rested love you eternally xxxx
Left by Lisa: 02/05/2020
Candle 11
Left by Lisa :
Love you ❤️
Left by Lis: 01/05/2020