Candle 4
Left by Sarah,Dean,Becca & Katie xxxx :
Miss you my ‘baby’ cousin 💕
Left by Debs: 10/01/2020
Candle 11
Left by Debs :
Jams will never forget you bro, absolute heart of gold so many memories me and all the lads have of you ❤️ You’re going to be missed a lot I love you brother rest in peace 😇❤️ Thank you for being a part of my life
Left by Callum French : 10/01/2020
Our James ❤️ Always gave a hug when I seen you ❤️ Bubbly lovely and always took time to talk we spoke about our mental health and hope we are doing ❤️ So positive and strong to be around fun and laughter always ❤️ Renegades will miss you ! Your always be one of our Ultras ❤️ Look down on your boys forever never stop counting their blessings ❤️ Rest in paradise James sad to be taken so so soon ❤️ Love Lucy Trotman ❤️⚽️ xxxx
Left by Lucy Trotman: 10/01/2020