Happy Easter mum, wish I could share an egg with you right now.x
Left by Beverley Green : 11/04/2020
Happy Easter mum, don’t worry, we all ate fish today! Good Friday xx
Left by Karen Meecham: 10/04/2020
Happy mothers day nan, cant belive i wont see your beautiful face tomorrow for our annual 'rose'. Love and miss you beyond words, 'Love yer' Hannah xxx "To nanny taylor, lots of love annabelle, kiss,kiss, kiss, love heart, i love you, you are the best angel in the world, love Annabelle xxxx
Left by Hannah Meecham: 21/03/2020
Candle 32
Left by Hannah Meecham :
Happy Mothers Day Mum, our first one apart, god has you in his keeping, i have you in my broken heart. I wish it could of been different Mum, i need to see your face, I would smile and be so happy and know that you would wipe the tears from my face, you would tell me to be strong and to smile my way through, but all's im left with is cherished memories and your favourite songs too.. You know how much i love you, i told you all the time, It's the missing you that's hard for me because i want you by my side. I love you my Queen, broken hearted daughter Karen xxx
Left by Karen Meecham: 21/03/2020