I am so incredibly privileged, to be able to call you my sister in law. For 22 yrs i was fortunate to have known and loved you. I still actually cant belive it. Your the first person i think of when i wake up, and the last when i go to bed. I miss you terribly. I wish i could see your beautiful smile. I wish i could tell you just how blessed i felt to have had you in my life. I wish I could tell you how sorry I am, that i never truely understood how you were feeling, and i couldnt save you. We'll love and look out for you beautiful children lisa.... You were so utterly in love with them all... You ooozed so much pride about them. I'll look out for your brother too, who because of you, I have a wonderful life and family with. Thank you, for the help and support you gave me through my life, and thank you for memories I'll cherish forever. Thank you for my birthday gift, u had ready for me, but never got to give me. My favourite, and will be kept always. I miss so much your bursts of laughter, your love of coffee and your need for constantly cooking a chicken. Your crazy fads with music blaring through the house, i even miss your pack of tobacco and your insulin case on the side. I hope you know, wherever u are now, i love you and how very thankful i am that i found your details on the 'safeway' board that day. Goodnight Lisa, may you rest in eternal sweetheart xxxxxxx
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You ok John x
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