Sending my love and condolences to chelly and Gloria always thinking of you both xxx
Left by Amanda: 24/03/2020
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Left by Amanda :
I only met you once Trevor in molly's, I thought you were a lovely man, and I will always will be around for Chelle if she needs me xxx❤️
Left by Andrea Woodward: 22/03/2020
Dad, yellow was your favourite colour so i'm sending you some daffodils to heaven, this journey that your on from the day you left us has been filled with hurdles that we are still trying to clear, we try to understand the hurdles but it doesnt stop the pain that it is causing us, we promised that we would be with you all the way when we was given that devastating news in December and we intend to keep that promise, everything that was thrown at you, it made you my hero, you was so brave, and never complained, and in the current crisis more hurdles are being thrown at you/us, we did tell you to stop being the unique one , i hear you saying we will take each day has it comes and we will deal with what is thrown at us, love and miss you so much dad xxx your ever loving Daughter Chelle xxxx
Left by Chelle: 22/03/2020
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Left by Chelle :