Here’s to the man that taught me that.. Life’s too short for cold chips. That when you love someone you’ll wipe away the tears but more importantly the food around your mouth. You’ll push them up the steepest of hills to get them to the top of the castle. That when you love someone you’ll do what it takes to go that extra mile to make sure that they are okay and comfortable. To the man who knows that life is definitely too short to say no to a pint at the pub. To the man who taught me to work hard rain or shine, that dedication and persistence will get you places. Who taught me I’m worth more than a man who doesn’t respect or show he loves me. Who told me to make sure whatever I’m doing it’s making me happy. To the man who knows that actions speak louder than words. I love you Grandad and I’m sorry I never got the chance to say goodbye and I love you just one last time. And at the end of it all no matter what goes on in the world I know “I’ll see you on a Christmas tree.”
Left by Emma-Louise: 31/03/2020
Grandad, I never got to spend much time with you growing up but the few moments I had with you, you taught me a lot. You taught me respect, love and to always put others first before yourself. You were a great man who did great things and I hope you rest in everlasting peace. You will always be in my thoughts lots of love from Alfie Jones.
Left by Alfie Jones : 30/03/2020
Candle 11
Left by Alfie Jones :
Alf you were a great Dad,Granddad Greatgrandad and Father in law. Sadly we did not make it back in time to give you one last hug but know that we love you so very much. You did so much for all the family and never expected anything in return, You had a big heart and we all loved you so much. Now you are with Maureen and Paul having a drink or two, we all will be having one for you too. It is a privilege to been able to call you my father in law. Love you very much. xxx
Left by Tracey Jones: 30/03/2020
Candle 14
Left by Tracey Jones :