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Cerri Margaret & Andrew Richard GORE

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GORE CERRI MARGARET & ANDREW RICHARD July 12, 1990 July 18, 1986 Happy Birthday in Heaven to both my youngest son and daughter. Cerri, you would have been 29 today and Andrew would be 33 on 18th July. Wishing you were both here today, for even just a while, so I could say happy birthday and see both your loving smiles. When life was at its sweetest In the midst of happy days, With everything to live for, So much love to give, Only God will ever know Why He called you to His care. As time goes on without you, As days grow into years They hold a million memories And a thousand silent tears. Our hearts are full of memories with pride we speak your names, though life goes on without you two it will never be the same. Love Mum Irene and Dad Jimmy xx If flowers grow in Heaven on land that's wild and free, Lord place some in my siblings arms and tell them they're from me, Please tell them that I love them and miss them everyday, And tell them there's still so much that I would like to say. Remembering them is easy they're in everything I do, I miss them so much everyday but I know they're safe with you. If tears could build a stairway made from all the pain, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring them home again. Lord please take care of them both and I hope that they will see, that there is so much love for them both, a special Sister and Brother to me. Loving Brother Carl xx You both will never be forgotten. Now your birthdays are here, I'll place some flowers where you both lay and shed more than a tear. I know you are up in Heaven because God only takes the best, I know you're both watching over us and it takes away the pain, I will carry you both in my heart until we meet again. I'll whisper happy birthday and ask the Lord above, to kiss you both gently on the cheek and give you both all my love. Loving Sister Deborah xx Please give each other a big hug on your special days. Love James x
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Published in: Liverpool Echo.
Published from: July 12, 2019.
Home town: Liverpool
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