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DAVIES Leanne Happy Birthday To Our Angel Tears instead of wishes, Flowers instead of cards, You
Birthday Memoriam
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Uploaded: 1 month ago05/11/2019
Swansea (Abertawe)
Birthday MemoriamSwansea (Abertawe)
HARBRON JUSTIN. R Deckham It would have been his birthday today, he never liked fuss or cheery
Birthday Memoriam
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Uploaded: 4 weeks ago08/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamDeckham
John Charles COLETTA
COLETTA JOHN CHARLES 41 Today Special people in our lives never leave us, they stay with us forever
Birthday Memoriam
484 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 1 month ago07/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamHuddersfield
Howard Gordon PRITCHARD
24th November Birthday remembrance HOWARD GORDON PRITCHARD Howard who would have been 50 Today
Birthday Memoriam
477 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 2 weeks ago20/11/2019
Colwyn Bay (Bae Colwyn)
Birthday MemoriamColwyn Bay (Bae Colwyn)
David Arthur PAGE
PAGE David Arthur "Pagey" Treasured memories of "no. 2" son and brother on your birthday tomorrow
Birthday Memoriam
473 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago16/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamGrimsby
Joshua Andrew BROWN
BROWN Joshua Andrew Joshy Today should have been so different... Just know we're thinking about you
Birthday Memoriam
456 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago15/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamNewcastle-under-Lyme
Gillian BEST
BEST GILLIAN (North Shields). Happy birthday to our beautiful daughter Gillian. As we whisper happy
Birthday Memoriam
454 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago12/11/2019
North Shields
Birthday MemoriamNorth Shields
Debbie Ann BROWN
BROWN DEBBIE ANN 60th Birthday memories to Heaven we send, no gifts or cards just our love. Happy
Birthday Memoriam
409 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 1 month ago07/11/2019
Carlton in Cleveland
Birthday MemoriamCarlton in Cleveland
BENNETT JENNY I gofio'n annwyl ac mewn hiraeth am benblwydd mam a nain arbennig ar y 17eg Tachwedd
Birthday Memoriam
388 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago16/11/2019
North Wales
Birthday MemoriamNorth Wales
Joanne Elizabeth MAXWELL KING
MAXWELL KING JOANNE ELIZABETH Durham Loving thoughts of you, Joanne, on your 50th birthday. Rest in
Birthday Memoriam
386 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago16/11/2019
Newcastle upon Tyne
Birthday MemoriamNewcastle upon Tyne
PARRY IVOR ROVI Er cof annwyl am Rovi a fyddai wedi bod yn dathlu ei ben-blwydd arbennig yn 100 oed
Birthday Memoriam
357 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 1 week ago29/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamCaernarfon
Lorraine FOSS
FOSS Lorraine 18/11/1972 - 24/10/2019 Mother, daughter, sister. Those we love remain with us, for
Birthday Memoriam
356 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago15/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamDerby
Christopher COONEY
COONEY - CHRISTOPHER 30 Today. Though all birthdays are special, this would be the big 3-0. You
Birthday Memoriam
346 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 3 weeks ago14/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamLiverpool
BLOXHAM DANIEL Wallsend Happy Birthday Dad, this would have been your 100th. Always loved, always
Birthday Memoriam
338 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 4 weeks ago09/11/2019
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Birthday MemoriamNewcastle Upon Tyne
Stuart Keith ANDERSON
ANDERSON Stuart Keith 04/11/1978 - 01/07/2015 Remembered with love Mum, Dad, Ross, Becky and Emma xx
Birthday Memoriam
329 visitorsViews
Uploaded: 1 month ago04/11/2019
Birthday MemoriamExeter
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