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Bethnal Green Tube Disaster 1943.On 3 March 1943 a crowd of people entered Bethnal Green tube station which was used at the time as an air-raid shelter. After the searchlights went on and an anti-aircraft battery a few hundred yards away in Victoria Park launched a salvo of a new type of anti-aircraft rockets the crowd surged forward. Someone tripped on the stairs causing many others to fall. 300 people were crushed into the stairwell within a few seconds, 173 of them died and over 90 were injured. The worst civilian disaster of the 2nd World War.The Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust is raising funds to build a long-overdue memorial for the victims (names with ages below) go towww.stairwaytoheav enmemorial. org for more info.Betty Aarons 14Jessie Asser 33George Baker 38Minnie Baker 14Mary Bailey 72Rose Bailey 41Eileen Bass 7Ethel Beaken 53Eileen Beaken 17Matilda Beaken 40Emily Berger 57Elizabeth Bendon 38Emma Maude Bennett 48Irene Bosworth 17Edith Bosworth 50Annie Boxer 24Henry Brooks 10Jessie Brooks 46Israel Brookstone 67Bessie Bowling 59Eliza Bowling 31Allen Butterfield 3Geroge Butterfield 28Lottie Butterfield 28D.M. Chandler 14Lilian Chandler 31Charlotte Chapman 25George Chapman 23Iris Clatworthy 2Joan Clatworthy 9Maud Coleman 54Doreen Collett 11Rose Collett 50Ronald Collett 8R.T. Coleman (a.k.a Bobby Corbett - well-known Boxer) 34Patricia Court 24John Day 69Annie Dongrey 22Rusina Ellam 17Annie Ellam 44Frances Ellam 20Pauline Ellam 2Clara Emery 78Ivy Hewitt 28Alexander Fletch 3Elizabeth Fletcher 28Leonora Forbes 57Irene Forbes 17Mary Fowler 45Lilian French 29Carole Geary 5 monthsSylvia Geary 6Ethel Grover 48Edna Hall 13Annie Hall 52Irene Hall 8Mary Hall 47Joe Hales 53Rhoda Hammond 44Olive Harris 17Leonard Hawley 64Mary Hayman 19Mary Hewitt 27Emily Higginson 62Mary Hillier 61Ivy Hiscoke 22Lilian Hoye 13Louisa Hoye 44Margaret Hoye 7Rosina Hoye 19Joan Hutchinson 10William Hutchinson 6Agnes Ingle 28Peter Johns 7Caroline Johnson 14Ellen Johnson 6Sarah Jolly 51Estella Jones 57Henry Juilier 18Eliza Korobenic 33Barbara Land 7Martha Land 56Ronald Lapham 15Anthony Lawson 7Patricia Lawson 3Morris Lazarus 42Florence Lechmere 66Thomas Lechmere 66Thomas Allen Lechmere 48Benjamin Leggett 31Rose Leggett 31Roy Leggett 7George Lewis 10Lilie Lewis 14Louisa Loftus 15John Loftus 13Jean Maguire 9Charles Mason 50Ruby Mathers 18Eliza Mead 67Florence Mead 35George Mead Snr 40Geroge Mead Jr 12Kenneth Mead 10Maureen Mead 4Derek Morris 6Florence Morris 30Jeffrey Myers 6Sophie Myers 41Alfred Neville 45Doris Newman 9George Newman 45Sarah Newton 28William Nixon 14Rosina Papworth 27Mary Patterson 44Iris Perriment 17Sarah Poole 54Rose Price 27Emily Pusey 48Henry Pusey 50Emily Quorn 43Gwendoline Quorn 5William Quorn 14Joseph Raolinaitis 32Eileen Redwin 7Rose Relf Jnr. 13Rose Relf Snr. 41George Reynolds 72Stella Riddell 13Ellen Ridgeway 28Bessie Roche 42Eddie Roche 8Joan Roche 9Ted Roche 40Sarah Seabrook 62Barry Seabrook 2 years 9 monthsWilliam Herbert Sear 50Irene Sharp 16 monthsKenneth Sharp 4Arthur Shepherd 42Dorothy Smith 12Lilian Sceats 15Edith Speight 47Lydia Sinnock 62Joan Spicer 5Tony Spicer 9Mary Ann Elizabeth Stevens 54 (my gt.nan)Rose Stretch 39William Stretch Jnr. 9William Stretch Snr. 49George Tarbuck 45Louisa Tarbuck 44Sarah Taylor 54James Taylor 12Kate Thompson 53Barbara Thorpe 2Marie Thorpe 11Olive Thorpe 36Clara Tilbury 49Irene Trayling 20Isabella Trice 39Lilian Trotter 36Vera Trotter 7Maud Vann 23Florence Vanner 49Doris Warrington 16James Welch 52James Whitehead 69Edna Wilson 15Alfred Wood 60Elsie Woolnough 37Olive Woolnough 12John Yewman 1
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So sad, so many, I know my Bethnal Green Family (My nan and grandad) lost young cousins, may they all RIP...
Left by Diane Wilson-Bent: 14/03/2019
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Left by Diane Wilson-Bent :
You will never be forgotten x
Left by Gerry Chandler: 18/12/2017
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Left by Gerry Chandler :
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Left by Janette Beeching :
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