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Forty-eight members of the British Armed Forces were killed when RFA Sir Galahad, a Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing ship, was attacked while unloading soldiers at Bluff Cove in the Falklands on 8 June, 1982. The loss accounted for nearly a fifth of all British losses during the Falklands War. Worst hit during the Battle of Bluff Cove was the 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards who lost 32 of their number. Members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Army Catering Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps, 36 Engineer Regiment and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers were also killed. Hundreds of others were injured, including Simon Weston who suffer 49 per centburns and went on to be a media spokesman for those who fought in the Falklands. The 48 killed were: Royal Fleet Auxiliary • Electric Fitter Leung Chau • 3rd Engineering Officer Christopher F. Hailwood • 2nd Engineering Officer Paul A. Henry, G.M. • 3rd Engineering Officer Andrew J. Morris • Butcher Sung Yuk Pai 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards • Lance Corporal Anthony Burke • Lance Sergeant Jim R. Carlyle • Guardsman Ian A. Dale • Guardsman Michael J. Dunphy • Guardsman Peter Edwards • Sergeant Clifford Elley • Guardsman Mark Gibby • Guardsman Glenn C. Grace • Guardsman Paul Green • Guardsman Gareth M. Griffiths • Guardsman Denis N. Hughes • Guardsman Gareth Hughes • Guardsman Brian Jasper • Guardsman Anthony Keeble • Lance Sergeant Kevin Keoghane • Guardsman Michael J. Marks • Guardsman Christopher Mordecai • Lance Corporal Stephen J. Newbury • Guardsman Gareth D. Nicholson • Guardsman Colin C. Parsons • Guardsman Eirwyn J. Phillips • Guardsman Gareth W. Poole • Guardsman Nigel A. Rowberry • Lance Corporal Philip A. Sweet • Guardsman Glyn K. Thomas • Lance Corporal Nicholas D. M. Thomas • Guardsman Raymond G. Thomas • Guardsman Andrew Walker • Lance Corporal Christopher F. Ward • Guardsman James F. Weaver • Sergeant Malcolm Wigley • Guardsman David R. Williams Army Catering Corps • Lance Corporal Barry C. Bullers • Private Albert M. Connett • Private M Anthony Jones • Private Richard W. Middlewick Royal Army Medical Corps • Lance Corporal Ian R. Farrell • Major Roger Nutbeem • Private Ken Preston 9 Independent Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers (These men were actually members of 3 Troop, 20 Field Squadron, 36 Engineer Regiment. 3 Troop was temporarily attached to 9 Para for the Falklands conflict.) • Corporal Andrew G. McIlvenny • Sapper Wayne D. Tarbard Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers • Craftsman Mark W. Rollins • Lance Corporal Anthony R. Streatfield After the attack, the Sir Galahad was sunk and later made an official war grave under the Protection of Military Remains Act.
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Published from: January 08, 2009.
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Private Albert M. Connett • The bravest of all. So sorry you got sent in my place. Never will forget you. Tony
Left by Tony Lovelidge : 02/11/2019
Candle 10
Left by Tony Lovelidge :
In memory of my friend Nigel "Razzman" Rowberry. Will never forget you, miss you loads. Steve 16/04/19
Left by Steve Wright: 16/04/2019
Never forgotten. RIP Brave Lads. Now sailing and marching across the heavens. Comrades in arms. At Th Going Down Of The Sun And In Th Morning We Will Remember Them.
Left by Cllr Sandy West. Rfa Wife: 07/06/2018
Candle redwhitecandles
Left by Cllr Sandy West. RFA Wife :
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