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WHALE Mark David 31-3-1965 World Wide Concert Organist and former pupil of Henry VIII School Coventry Sadly passed away in Germany on 30th April 2018. A memorial Mass will be held at St Josephs RC De Montfort Way, Cannon Park Coventry on Wednesday 20th June 12 noon. All welcome.
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Published in: Coventry Telegraph.
Published from: June 11, 2018.
Home town: Coventry
Had you written much earlier. Thomas, Mommy, everything was different again, worse. I knew it was a matter of course, on the part of me. But I had promised stop smoking that I did not have such withdrawal symptoms, now, after a week still - because of everything here is, still most like, would smoke one could. Just to get down, switch off. I did not do that. But the apples that tell those to eat, if you'd like to smoke - do not help either. When I think about it. You had - never had to smoke. Never had this problem. -I have it, quite massive, after you - and, me, your family, have left alone !! You never had to - smoke in your life. You always just smoked, but never bought a pack of cigarettes. Which was good. I miss you so much !!! I wish you were with your family - and then here, with me - with us. You are always with me !! In my Heart, - by,with me !! I really hope that your family is fine. Love you, Tina
Left by xxxxx: 03/12/2019
Tomorrow comes again Craftsman.Then Schornsteinfeger.costet again. Then, Heizöl.All that,Money, which I have saved to see your Family again, can be gone.But, after that, I save - I try again.Some Time, is I just wrote to you once, ran on RTL - Radio - again - Fields of Gold. Do I have to remember it when we heard it, how many Times - alone. And then you - with Paul - you played this together. I've written this to you once before. You called me back then, from the Pub, when you played it with Paul. We talked for a long Time at this Evening.Before you - played with Paul, you were, because of everything happened, what was then, not good. But, after you both played together, - you were doing something like that You fealt,whas good. I missed you so much - xxxxx Tina,Love you - you where always by me - every Day - I miss you so much.
Left by Tina: 25/11/2019
Candle 10
Left by Tina :
I´cant for it,but every Day, I missed you so much.What we`ve both have - everything. Like you`re Family, - We,I have to live with this,that.But I can`t Every body,one,who said - time,healts all - said something wrong.What is not so.And everybody,who said this,thougt it,had never love the Person,Human - he lost. I know - I can change nothing.But every Day without you - is,was - for you`re Family now Day - and realy - for you`re Family so hard to live,spent - and for me too. You where the best Person - the great Love in my Life. And nobody can give us back,what we - both lost - us,our Life and Love. Wish,you where,can be here. I ,missed you so much xxxxxLove,Tina
Left by Tina: 22/11/2019
xxxxx Love you. With every Thing,what you have done for,with us,to me,what you have done for 36 Years,while you where young - I all understand that so much - I - whan we´ve had the Chance - to live,to do it again - I will always be - with you,by youre side,stand behind you - but I would done things other - for you,to change hold - your Life you where always with me!! And I hope,after the German Goal - North Irland wins !!
Left by xxxxx: 19/11/2019
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