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WHALE Mark David 31-3-1965 World Wide Concert Organist and former pupil of Henry VIII School Coventry Sadly passed away in Germany on 30th April 2018. A memorial Mass will be held at St Josephs RC De Montfort Way, Cannon Park Coventry on Wednesday 20th June 12 noon. All welcome.
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Published in: Coventry Telegraph.
Published from: June 11, 2018.
Home town: Coventry
Thomas,still not good,everything else,not even. But at least, despite everything that has happened, 2 hours,after a long time, sometimes two nice hours.You would also have liked to have been there, and,it would have given you much, as always, if we were in our second home. Was with Claudia and Volker after Waltraud died. You are doing what I told Volker and you on the day in the church - and,that will do both good,Claudia hopefully help. Tell you if more time.Claudia told me that day in Halsenbach,Church,She wanted to write in your confeonive book, friends of the first hour.What both were for you. Claudia and I,Volker, have known us since childhood, school. Then Claudia,Volker,You and I met on the same evening,on your birthday.Volker had concerns to have this written in your book of condolences. But,it's just as Claudia wanted to write it. It was, despite Waltraud no longer there -You no longer beautiful with us.I have two hour`s a little bit - good time. Wish,you where here, xxxxx Tina
Left by Tina: 15/08/2019
I wish you could be with your family and then back here. I don't write that to you because everything is bad here. I would have written that to you if everything was okay here. You know that.You,we,I have always been missing me when you were not here.34 years. But,i always knew, you're coming back, you're back here. I´ve lost the most,beloved person - in my life - YOU - You know that. Love,Tina
Left by xxxxx: 14/08/2019
And,to all the excess,great things that happen here,in the heating cellar,cold water expansion vessel broken. If I hadnot noticed if heating oil had not been supplied yesterday. Had late shift, where you often came to me,to work.if you weren't well. Came back,entire cellar under water.Dry laid-after,night,every two hours down,bucket seas erased from. Claudia,Volker drive,which I also advised Claudia because of - on holiday.Then Volker,Claudia can perhaps help to bring other thoughts,try to distract. I was after the church,because I knew no one would go to Waltraud anymore, walk to her - with you - as you would have done, with you at the grave.You miss me so much - I will always be missing. And no one, no one can bring that back for all of us, your family, which you leave us without you. Tina
Left by xxxxx Tina: 11/08/2019
Candle redrose
Left by xxxxx :
People would have to think of me as weird,weird,crazy.But every person who processes his grief differently.You know, whenever someone - you're not someone - dies, people say,time helps over everything.Don't do it.Doesn't have it with Dad.I also miss him very much.You can't say because parents,but that you're no longer with me - is much worse for me, although I love my dad.He also wished me back.You,as he once told me,were for Him the son he never had.Despite Thomas.I knew what he meant by that.You have what men never do with me - for hours, if you were happy, called from you,phoned,every day,as always,34 years - and if you weren't doing so well.You miss me so much. Your closeness, that you are, as always here - we,have our life as before. Just as you're missing your family without end.Thomas - it's even worse.
Left by xxxxx Tina: 11/08/2019
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