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Trevor ATKIN

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ATKIN Trevor A funeral service for Mr Trevor George Atkin (72) of Keelby, who passed away on 21st April 2019, was conducted by Mr Mark Hutson at St Bartholomew's Church, Keelby on Friday 3rd May 2019 and was followed by committal at Mill Lane Cemetery, Immingham. Family mourners attending: Leila, partner, Sarah and Dave, step-daughter and son-in-law, Roly and Sian, step-son, Matthew and Brogan, grandson, Daniel and Becca, grandson, Geoff and Pat, brother and sister-in-law, Janet (also rep Brian), sister, Susan and Martyn (also rep Lee nephew), sister and brother-in-law, Anne (also rep Rob and Family, Stella, Jon and Family, sister and brother-in-law), sister, Julian and Lisa, nephew, Christian and Annabel, nephew, Scott, Gavin and Jamie (also rep Darren), nephews, Claire (also rep Wayne), niece, Miss E Evison, niece, Miss D Evison, great niece, Mrs N Moor, cousin Others attending included: Mr D Jackson (also rep Mr J Jackson), Mr. and Mrs B Watts, Mr and Ms R. Hilton, Mr and Mrs J Knipe (also rep Mr and Mrs R Austin and Mr P Knipe), Mr N Carter (also rep Keelby Rifle Club), Mr and Mrs M Lingard (also rep Helen,Rachael and Mr R Pawson), Mr and Mrs T Dawson, Mr J Greenwood, Mr and Mrs S York, Mrs R Watkins, Mr M Sedgewick, Mrs K Holmes (also rep Mrs G Day), Mrs E Parker (also rep Mr and Mrs R Shepherd), Mrs W Cook, Mrs A Atkin, Mr C Bryant (also rep Mrs B Clayton), Mrs M Wells, Mr A Thompson (also rep Mr B Thompson), Mr and Mrs E Judge, Mr and Mrs A Phillips, Mr and Mrs Paul Wilson, Mr T Hudson (also rep Hudson Family), Mr L Webster (also rep Webster Family), Mr and Mrs R Bagshaw, Mr S Hudson, Mrs J Calaby, Mr A Morecliffe, Mrs S Carter (also rep Miss S Carter), Mr and Mrs W Blythe, Mr C Page, Mr K Knox, Mrs L Wild, Mr G Cobb, Mr and Mrs G Hudson, Mr and Mrs P Maddison, Mr and Mrs G Benson (also rep Archie Peart and Family), Mr and Mrs A Lingard, Mr and Mrs H Barton, Mr and Mrs G Riby, Mr and Mrs P Wilson, Mr and Mrs S Crowston, Mr and Mrs M Dove,Mr and Mrs G Ringrose, Mr and Mrs C Shillito, Mr and Mrs G Nicholls, Mr and Mrs R Dannatt (also rep Jessica, Charlie and Family), Mr and Mrs L Jex, Mr and Mrs D Maltby, Mr and Mrs B Moore, Mr D Neilson, Mr S Hollowday (also rep Pam), Mr M Thomas, Mr R Hollowday (also rep Sylvia Lancaster), Mr A Thompson (also rep Family), Mr R Ronaldson, Mr B Dannatt (also rep Jean and Ken), Mr A Calaby, Mr M Twydale (also rep Jean), Mr M Kicks ,Gillian Day, Rosalie Cutsforth, Frances Beaumont (also rep Nathan Walters), Audrey Johnson (also rep Marian and Malcolm Bratton), Sue Harrison (also rep Jane), Pom Thompson (also rep Gerry and Family), Sarah Lawson (also rep. Beryl, Sam and Sharon Jarvis), Linda Loveday, Rebecca Barnett (Kicks), Anne Austen (also rep Ann & Ron Austen) Funeral arrangements were by H & HJ Huteson & Sons of Barton-upon-Humber, Immingham & Winterton.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: June 13, 2019.
Home town: Keelby
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