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BAGHURST Diana Diana Baghurst (67): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Rick Jones. Family mourners attending: Hayley and Robin Blakey, daughter and son-in-law; Alex Baghurst and Sally Dowling, son and daughter-in-law; Karen and Simon Price, daughter and son-in-law; Charlotte Price, granddaughter; Garry and Sally Williams, brother and sister-in-law (also rep. Ben, Nichola, Matthew, Ben and family and Sophie Williams); Rhys and Francesca Williams, brother and sister-in-law; Pamela and Mick Handley, sister and brother-in-law; Louise and Stephen Cook, sister and brother-in-law; John Baghurst, brother-in-law; Catherine Baghurst, sister-in-law; Doreen Gough, aunt; Jessica Williams, niece; Amelia Williams, niece; Mandy Pickard, niece (also rep. David); Evan Williams, nephew; Charlie Cook, nephew; Harry Cook, nephew; Sian Williams, niece (also rep. Chris Potter); Oliver Williams, nephew (also rep. Lynsey); Alisdair and Julie Baghurst, nephew and wife; David and Jenny Handley, nephew and wife; Philip Wilkin, cousin (also rep.Ann Wilkin); David Stanley, cousin; Julie Harper,cousin; John Cooper, cousin; Diana and Ivor Roberts, cousin and husband; Sue Gough; Liz Baghurst; Alison and David Rathbone; Brian and Marilyn Errington; Vic and Wendy Partridge; Susan and Andrew Blakey; Stephen and Jane Price; Becky Davies; Tracy Gordon. Other mourners attending: Rose Chegwin; Aletea Steeles; Phil and Gill Maddison (also rep. Dave and Sheila Maltby, Lesley Cody and Laila Lythaby); Elizabeth and Stuart Evans (also rep. Rebecca); James Davy; Mike Hazzard; Bobbie Gilham and Anthony Latham; Georgina Parker (also rep. Sally and Simon Jackson and family and Jo and Danny North and family); Pamela Leeman; John and Joyce Liles; Linda and Ian Beaumont (also rep. Sarah, Jon and Kitty); Dee Costello; Glynn Blow; Jane Betmead (also rep. Jenny and David Betmead);Russell Sainty; John and Dot Hall; Mary and Martin Cordes; Jennifer Jones (also rep. Alan Jones); Liz and Andy White; Bob and Sue Jones; Joyce Darnell; Yvonne and David Dennis; Stuart Wickham; Mark Hazzard; Joanne and Rodney Smith; Margaret Coultas; Deri and Paul Hammerton; Howard Westoby (also rep. Shirley Westoby); Christine and Raymond Thacker (also rep. Sarah Toyne and family and Michael Thacker and family); Andy and Lynda Tappin; Iris Denison; Angela Marshall. Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: April 05, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire & the Humber
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