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Alma Muriel BIRCH

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BIRCH Alma Muriel Alma Muriel Birch (88): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by the Rev Ian Walker Family Mourners: Pete and Joy Stockley, son and daughter-in-law; Julie and Ben Moon, daughter and son-in-law; Max Stockley and Gemma Hodgson, grandson and partner; Alex Stockley, grandson; Gemma and Mike Turner, granddaughter and husband; Philippa Siddle, granddaughter; John Birch, stepson; Sara and Richard Vivian, stepdaughter and husband; Paul and Anne Birch, stepson and wife (also rep Philip and Amy): Rachael Vivian, step-granddaughter; Becky, Ian, Elliott and Iris Hazard step-granddaughter and family; Gordon and Ann Howden, brother and sister-in-law; Chris and Gladys Howden, nephew and wife; Delphine and Eddie Harvey, niece and husband; Others Attending: Ray and Janet Evans, Jim and Pam Arnell, Allan and Christine Wakefield, David and Janet Willmer, Matthew and Mary Raper, Ron and Josine Parkin, Martyn and Anne Chilvers, Dr and Mrs I Sutherland, Mr and Mrs S Melhuish, Mike and Dorothy Sutton (also representing John Grimwood (Spalding): Vic and Vi Toulson (also rep David and Norma Rushworth, and Frank and Pauline Barrett); Messrs: Alan Williams, Roger Fox, Freddie Ward, Sandy Robertson, Dr K S Raj (also rep Mrs P Raj): Graham Fox (also rep Greta Cave): Dr John Lavin (also rep Anne Lavin): Ian Mackenzie (also rep Alison Mackenzie): David Gentle (also rep Judy Gentle, Pat Woods and Peter Sams); Mesdames and Misses: Karin Stevenson, Pauline Barratt, Jill Fraser, Gillian Wallace, Rachel Martell, Pauline Yeardley, Janet Harrison, Chrissy Wray, Brenda Guyll, Jan Clovis, Eileen Calder,Jenny Hodgson, Margaret Hewitt, Barbara Heald, Pam Leak (also rep Roy Leak): Jessica Dixon (also rep Pat Smith); Angela Fitzgerald (also rep Derek Fitzgerald): Wendy Ramsden (also rep Derek and Diane Hopper); Liz Stones, chairman (also rep Cleethorpes Golf Club): Jacqueline Carlton (also rep Nigel Carlton and family): Eve Charles (also rep Dawn Cutsforth and Debbie Broughton): Mabel Robinson (also rep Stan Robinson and Andrew Lighton):Christine Forman (also rep Margaret Williams and neighbours): Gillian Lewis (also rep David Lewis and Gary and Jane Tapply): Margaret Sethi (also rep Josie Pass, Jean Dunthorpe, Cath Bickley and Ann Kay): Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 06, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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