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BROOKES Herbert Herbert Brookes (98): A service took place at St Margaret's Church, Laceby, followed by Interment in Laceby Cemetery and was conducted by the Rev Phillip Stevens Family Mourners Attending: Jean Brookes, wife; Janet and Barry Giles, daughter and son-in-law; David Brookes, son; Billy Brookes, grandson; Norman Brookes, brother; Eileen Brookes, sister-in-law; Frances and Dennis Thompson, niece and husband; Michael and Susan Brookes, nephew and wife; Kevin and Joyce Woods, nephew and wife (also rep Betty and George); Margaret and John Grest, niece and husband (also rep Sheila and Paul Lucas, niece and husband); Anne Robertson, great niece (also rep Terry Osborne); Others Attending: Ray and Jennifer Mawer, Roy and Pam Leak, Eric and Rev Joy Osborne, Sid and Ruth Parker, Barry and Jenny Chambers, Mr and Mrs Chris Fowler, Ian and Julie McLean, Graham and Joyce Smith, Mr and Mrs R Thompson, Matthew and Kerry Serls, Phillip and Sarah Tanner (also rep Ray Isherwood): George and Sally Serls (also rep Martin and Katie Serls): Dennis and Ingrid Read (also rep Mr and Mrs J Clements); Ken and Sheila Webster (also rep May Townsend and Audrey Thompson, (Canada) Brian and Eileen Lingard (also rep Ces and Jean York and Mary Blanchard): Messrs: Dave Johnson, Graham Larm, Pat Anderson (President Laceby RBL), Garry Metcalf, Len Rook, Ken Richardson, Bill Wright, Richard Hewitt (Chairman Laceby RBL), John Evans, Phil Barker, Garry Hill, John Smith (also rep Jean Anne Smith): Stuart Fenwick (also rep Caroline Fenwick); Martin Cartwright (also rep Shirley Cartwright): Ian Clark, Standard Bearer, Laceby Royal British Legion); Chris Smith (also rep Julie Smith and Paul Smith): Mesdames and Misses: Gillian Pridgeon, Jane Gamon, Margaret Evans (nee Rowson), Diane McInnes, Heather McInnes, Vicki Wright, Cath Tyler, Audrey Smith, Margaret Dobbs, June Craigie, Barbara Stinton, Marion Moorcroft (also rep Jessie): Anne Scott (also rep Joan Blandford): Maureen Foot (also rep Carole Barnes-Browne); Sharon Greenbeck (also rep Betty Chamberlain); Victoria Hull (also rep Kevin Hull and George Mumby): Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: April 09, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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