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CLARK Brian A funeral service for Mr. Brian James Clark (70) of Immingham, who passed away on 7th August 2019, was conducted by Canon P. Hall at St. Andrew's Church, Wootton on Thursday 22nd August 2019 and was followed by committal at Grimsby Crematorium. Family mourners attending: Mary Clark MBE, wife, Andrew & Christoper Clark, sons, Pamela Harrod, sister, Sheila Clark, sister, Phillip Turner, nephew, Peter & Pamela Sykes, brother-in-law & sister-in-law , Paul & Helen Race, nephew & wife (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. A. Pollard), Samuel & Harry Race, nephews, Sarah Sykes (also rep. Peter J. & Lesley Sykes & Family), nieces & nephews, Ellen Lynch, niece, Thomas Cox, nephew, Rachel Turner, niece, Sophie Turner, niece, Russel Turner, nephew, Rosie Turner & Andrea (also rep. Jaden Turner), nieces Others attending included: Mr. & Mrs. J. Morris, Mrs. J. Waller (also rep. Mr. R. Paul & Mrs. B. Wallis), Mr. & Mrs. B. O'Bee (also rep. Charlotte & Mr. & Mrs. A. Wilks), Canon P. Hall (also rep. Mrs. M. Lawson), Mrs. M. Mollett, Mr. & Mrs. C. & A. Best (also rep. Mr. G. Best & Mr. S. Best), Mr. & Mrs. B. Dukes (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. G. Fox), Mrs. J. Storer (also rep. Mrs. M. Simpson), Mrs. A. McGrorey (also rep. Mrs. F. Worley & Family), Miss M. McGrory, Mrs. R. Kelly (also rep. Mr. B. Kelly), Rev. D. Robinson, Mrs. M. White, Mrs. C. Richardson, Mr. M. Bingham, Mr. & Mrs. K. Torgoose (also rep. Mrs. V. Hammond & Hydro Weight Bridge Staff), Mr. & Mrs. P. Maddison, Mr. C. Bacon (also rep. Mrs. K. Bacon), Miss G. Bacon, Mr. & Mrs. D. Mason, Mr. E. Smaller, Mrs. M. Hill, Mrs. M. Newman, Mrs. C. Rhodes, Mrs. L. Harriman (also rep. Mr. M. Harriman & Family, Mr. R. Austin), John & Terri Hanson, Lois Maudson, Loraine Howell (also rep. Emily Howell), Kelly Howell, Claire Earley, Nicola Catterall (also rep. Jenny Jaques), Vanessa Catterall, Deanna Catterall, Darren & Sophie Gamwell, Judith Mitchell, Eileen Booth, Philip Booth, Mrs. Jean Hall, Paula Brown, Mary Scrimshaw, Carol Baker, Sandra Hanson, Kirsten & Evie Hoggins, Debbie Scott (also rep. Ethan Scott), Libby & Mark Tasker, Margaret Knight, Betty Lamb, Anne Holmes, Pamela Mathews, Ina Piggott, Rosemary Armstrong, Steve Allen, Valerie Drury, Mr. & Mrs. L. Holmes (also rep. Mrs. J. Kennedy & Mrs. M. Warr), Mrs. T. Coates (also rep. Mr. M. Coates), Mr. H. Jackson (also rep. Mr. C. Jackson), Mrs. M. Leeman, Mrs. M. Goodman (also rep. Mr. J. Goodman), Mr. J. Clarke (also rep. Mrs. J. Clarke), Mrs. I. Davis, Mrs. B. Hodgkinson, Mrs. R. Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. A. Kent, Mr. & Mrs. G. Byers, Mrs. S. Webster (also rep. Jack & Lucy Frith), Mr. & Mrs. S. Roach, Mr. & Mrs. I. Pearson, Miss M. Diamond, Miss T. Bellamy, Miss L. Thornally, Mrs. A. Burton, Mr. & Mrs. D. Watson, Mr. L. Harling, Mrs. L. Pick (also rep. Mr. D. Pick), Mr. D. Pike, Ms. M. Green (also rep. Mr. B. Kirk), Mrs. A. Russell, Mr. M. Mowforth, Mr. & Mrs. T. Cavill, Miss V. Foster, Mr. M. Steel (also rep. Mrs. C. Steel), Mr. D. Wright, Mrs. J. McClellan (also rep. Louise & Amy), Miss S. McClellan (also rep. Miss I. McClellan), Mrs. A. Ellis, Mr. H. Ellis, Miss A. Ellis, Mrs. Y. Blakey, Mrs. B. Willett, Mrs. C. Hutton, Mr. M. Marshall (also rep. Mrs. Anslip), Mrs. J. Raynor (also rep. Shoe Boxes), Mrs. J. Doe (also rep. Mrs. S. Irving), Mr. & Mrs. P. & K. Pool (also rep. David & Stephen), Mrs. A. Scott Mrs. C. Neilson, Rev. E. Butler (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. P. Tissington), Mr. A. York (also rep. Mrs. A. York), Miss C. Gorman (also rep. Mr. G, Reville & I.S.P.), Mr. & Mrs. T. Bentham, Miss C. Bentham, Miss K. Bentham, Mr. & Mrs. J. Dibden, Mr. R. Hall (also rep. Mrs. A. Hall & Mrs. B. Norfolk), Mrs. B. McGregor (also rep. Mr. R. McGregor), Mrs. E. Davis (also rep. Mr. R. Carrick), Mrs. K. Lepley, Mr. & Mrs. R. Hinchcliffe, Mr. C. Davis, Mrs. S. Hare (also rep. Mr. J. Hare), Mr. P. Lynch, Miss A. Taylor, Mrs. C. Cook (also rep. Mr. A. Cook), Mr. C. Cook (also rep. Mr. C. Cook), Mr. C. Herring (also rep. Karen Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. N. Day), Mrs. R. Grantham, Mr. & Mrs. A. Haselgrove, Miss L. Wrightson (also rep. Nigel & Kay), Mr. & Mrs. S. Swinburn, Mr. & Mrs. M. Barker, Mrs. C. Weston (also rep. Bob), Mr. & Mrs. R. Lawrence (also rep. James & Amy), Mrs. W. Cottingham, Mr. & Mrs. E. Mosey, Mr. & Mrs. A. Crosby (also rep. Nicola, Emily & Charlotte Crosby), Mrs. L. Evans, Mr. & Mrs. D. Race, Mr. & Mrs. R,. Plaskitt, Mr. & Mrs. S. North (also rep. Eileen Gammall, Mr. & Mrs. T. Towle & Family), Mrs. A. Chapman, Mrs. B. Kirby, Mrs. L. Botham, Mr. & Mrs. G. Dobbs, Mr. & Mrs. D. Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. P. Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. T. Gibbard, Mr. & Mrs. D. Plumtree, Mr. & Mrs. C. Smith, Mrs. T. Jackson, Mr. A. Harriman (also rep. Life Guards at Chapel St. Leonards), Mrs. K. Walker, Mr. & Mrs. G. Beasley, Mr. J. Gouldthorpe (also rep. Stuart Tatam), Mrs. E. McCready, Mrs. H. Simpson, Miss I. McCready, Mr. & Mrs. D. Morris, Mrs. A. Clark (also rep. Shoe Boxes), Mr. J. Wrightson, Mrs. S. Doe, Mr. & Mrs. D. Hinds, Miss P. Murgatroyd (also rep. Brian & Eileen Lingard), Mr. & Mrs. T. Oliver, Mrs. A. Baldock, Mrs. Y. Knox (also rep. Family), Miss R. Speight (also rep. Shottons Family), Mr. & Mrs. C. Johnson (also rep. Operation Christmas Child & Katie Lilley), Mr. & Mrs. K. Knox (also rep. Brian & June Kirkby & Family), Mrs. C. Arieal, Mr. D. Oxley, Mrs. J. Bilham (also rep. Gary & Girls), Mrs. K. Addison (also rep. John, Millie & Matthew), Mr. C. Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. A.D. Kent, Mrs. Z. Lingard (also rep. Gary), Mr. D. Fletcher, Mr. & Mrs. J. Spandler, Mrs. J. Mills, Mr. & Mrs. C. Oakland (also rep. Elaine & Lucy), Mrs. N. Saville, Mrs. P. Atkinson, Miss J.L. Butler, Mr. J. Butler (also rep. Joanne), Mr. J. Papathanasi, Mr. G. Fox (also rep. Veronica Fox, Liz Foulds & Sandra Cooper), Mr. & Mrs. S. Gardam (also rep. Family), Mr. & Mrs. D. Croft (also rep. Laura Hickson), Mrs. P. Gravett, Mr. & Mrs. D. Pinder, Mrs. D. Conway, Mrs. J. Hales, Mrs. S. Holmes, Mrs. Y. McVeigh (also rep. Rev. David & Hilary Beverley), Mrs. S. Sleeman (also rep. Leanne), Mrs. K. Staples, Mrs. N. Walker (also rep. Shaun), Mr. J. Blow, Ms. L. Kingswood (also rep. Nina & Roy), Mr. & Mrs. G. Martin, Mr. H. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. B. Astin, Miss C. Revill John Mimmack (also rep. Mary Mimmack), Barry Kirk, Danielle Chapman, Kerry Brown, Tracy Rudd (also rep. Andrew, Katie & Georgia Rudd), George & Pat Wright, Rosalie Morrison, Rhoda McLenachan, Mr. P. Sykes, Glyn Atkinson (also rep. Elaine Atkinson & Grimsby in Bloom), Kim Fitzgerald & Lorraine, Michelle Lonsdale (also rep. Care Plus Nurses), Sarah Colman (also rep. Care Plus Nurses) Funeral arrangements were by H & HJ Huteson & Sons of Barton-upon-Humber, Immingham & Winterton.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 12, 2019.
Home town: Immingham
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Funeral Director
H & HJ Huteson & Sons Funeral Directors
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